The collection of old Australian newspapers digitised and available on Trove continues to grow. It was back in April when I last gave you an update of what was new and coming, so it was time to recheck their list. And as you’ll see the digitisation team at the National Library of Australia continue to keep busy scanning,

During the past three months Trove has added over 26 million new records to their collection. Of these over 5 million are articles from old newspapers, taking the current total of old newspapers records to a whopping 211,080,170! That’s right … over 211 MILLION records. All online, and all free for anyone to use.

Here’s the list the latest titles they’ve released over the past few months, as well as those that are coming soon.

*** WHAT’S NEW ***

Australian Government Gazette. Periodic (National: 1974-1977)
Commonwealth of Australia Gazette. Periodic (National: 1977-2011)

All Grades Advocate (Sydney, NSW: 1917)
The Burrangong Chronicle and Young and Lachlan District Advertiser (NSW: 1901)
Co-operator (Sydney, NSW: 1910-1917)
Construction: Weekly Supplement to Building (Sydney, NSW: 1909-1914)
The Corowa Free Press (NSW: 1875-1954)
Daily News (Sydney, NSW: 1938-1940)
The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW: 1883-1923)
The Grafton Argus and Clarence River General Advertiser (NSW: 1874-1875; 1879-1882; 1888; 1892; 1899-1922)
The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW: 1924-1938)
The Propeller (Hurstville, NSW: 1911-1954)
The Railway and Tramway Co-operator (Sydney, NSW: 1909-1910)
Smith’s Weekly (Sydney, NSW : 1919 – 1950)
The Sydney Daily Telegraph (NSW: 1879-1883)
Weekly Supplement to Building (Sydney, NSW: 1908-1909)

The Citizen (Port Adelaide, SA: 1938-1940)
The Gateway (Port Adelaide, SA: 1946)
Port Adelaide District Pictorial (SA: 1952 1954)
Seaport News Review (SA: 1954)

Banner (Strahan, Tas: 1900-01)
Colonial Times (Tas: 1845)
Fun, or The Tasmanian Charivari (Tas: 1867)
Hobart Town Punch (Tas: 1867-68, 1878)
Midland News (Oatlands, Tas: 1902-04)
Mount Lyell Standard and Strahan Gazette (Queenstown, Tas: 1896-1902)
Murray’s Austral-Asiatic Review (Hobart, Tas: 1828)
Northern Standard (Ulverstone, Tas: 1921-23)
Tasmanian (Hobart, Tas: 1827-29)
Tasmanian Punch (Tas: 1866, 1869-70, 1877-78)


Auburn & District News (Nov. 1929); [Cumberland Council]
Auburn and Lidcome Advance (1925-1939); [Cumberland Council]
Auburn News and Granville Electoral Gazeteer (1903-1905); [Cumberland Council]
The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW: 1879-1906); [State Library of NSW]
Express (Granville, NSW: June 1933, May 1935); [Cumberland Council]
Granville Independent and Parramatta Advertiser (1900-1901); [Cumberland Council]
The Weekly Advance (Granville, NSW: 1892-1893); [Cumberland Council]

Nasza Droga (Adelaide: 1952-1954) [Porta Polonica]

The Evening Echo (Ballarat, Vic: 1914-1918); [State Library Victoria]
The Star (Ballarat, Vic: 1856) [Ballarat Library]

Dowerin Guardian & Amery Line Advocate (1927-1954); [ State Library of WA]
Mount Barker & Denmark Record (1929-1949); [State Library of WA]
Mullewa Mail (1921-1947); [State Library of WA]
Red Star (1932-1936); [State Library of WA]
Weekly Gazette (Goomalling, WA: 1924-1946); [State Library of WA]
Workers Star (1936-1950); [State Library of WA]