The Cornish Association of South Australia (CASA) committee is pleased to announce the CALL FOR PAPERS for their next series of Cornish/Australian history seminars to be held in 2019. Their history seminar is held as part of the Kernewek Lowender Cornish Festival, and is now a well-established and
successful tradition.

Using the theme “Cornish Australians who changed our world”, the 2019 seminar’s intention is to focus on Australian contexts and events in the papers featured.

The theme is intentionally broad, to allow for a variety of scenarios around Australia where the Cornish
have settled and left some kind of lasting legacy on their district or wider community through their
endeavours. Papers may cover lives and events in the 20th century, not just the 18th or 19th , and may relate to Australians with Cornish ancestry who are still living, have passed on and/or were born in Cornwall.

Contributions can be about individuals, families, groups or communities – perhaps you have a relative
or family you wish to tell us about who is or was a notable example of participation in civic life,
medicine, sports, pioneering on the land, business, bravery at war, the arts, and so on – a person or
persons who made a difference to their own world and thereby to the wider world of others. And the papers will need to incorporate an element of history over time.

If you’re interested in submitting a paper, please note just an Abstract of your presentation (no longer than 200 words) is all that is required for the submission. Please include details of your theme, as well as your contact details. Your abstract needs to be in no later than Monday 12 November 2018.

Please send your Abstract to:
Jan Lokan
CASA Seminar Co-ordinator
PO Box 515
McLaren Vale, SA 5171
or email:

You will be notified of acceptance by CASA’s Seminar Sub-committee, by post or email, by 28 November 2018.

You can find more details on the Cornish Association of SA website.