After 15 years one of England’s best known and loved genealogy magazines “Your Family History” magazine (also known as “Your Family Tree”) said farewell earlier this year, and ceased production, with Issue 192 (March 2018) being the last.

As a dedicated fan of this magazine, I read these from cover-to-cover. And as such I can verify that every issue was a brilliant read, and was packed with useful information on how to get the most out of your research.

For those who are interested, we have a number of back issues that we’re clearing. These sold for $15.95/per issue in Australia, but we’re clearing them for $7.50 per issue (and that includes freight, within Australia). There’s one copy of each only, so get in quick.

To order please email, or phone us on (08) 8263 2055.

Issue 85 (January 2010) – SOLD
Pass down your family’s story; Royal Mail workers; Migration records; Lunatics and witches; Trace war casualties; Date wedding photos; Organise your records; Trace Manchester roots

Issue 88 (April 2010) – SOLD
Where did the go? Cops and robbers; The Great Plague; Award winners; Trace prisoners of war; Use record offices online; Find crucial Essex records; Translate old writing

Issue 89 (Spring 2010)
Have you found the right one?; Changing rooms; Pre-1837 records; Trace women at war; Find Scottish resources; Research in Staffordshire; WDYTYA? Live 2010; Insurance records

Issue 91 (June 2010)
Identifying your war heroes; Farming family; 50 time saving tips!; Inside TNA; Looking back at child labour; Unearth Irish records; Get genealogy bargains; Find Lincolnshire forebears

Issue 92 (July 2010)
Read all about it; World Cup crazy; Dirty secrets; Listed in the workhouse; Pinpoint a regiment; Trace Welsh forebears; Share your research leads; Northern Irish records

Issue 94 (September 2010)
The ultimate guide to graves; High street society; Write up your research; Jack the Ripper; Research school records; Trace Hertfordshire family; Contribute to research sites; Find census strays

Issue 96 (November 2010)
Your research problems solved; Shakespeare’s legacy; Trace American kin online; Nonconformist records; Find answers on forums; Investigate tax records; Lanarkshire region guide

Issue 99 (February 2011) – SOLD
Genealogy software special; London records online; Trace ancestors at sea; Norfolk region special; Get started with old maps and plans; Write up your family’s history; Scouting and Girl Guide records

Issue 100 (March 2011)
100th issue special edition; Census secrets revealed; 1911 image from the past; Liverpool region guide; Military census returns; Irish records online; Huguenot ancestors; Get started with immigration records

Issue 101 (Spring 2011)
Marriage records; Regional dialects; Domestic servant records; Start a family history blog; Cornish region special; Get started with Scottish records; Trace ancestors through old telephone directories

Issue 102 (April 2011) – SOLD
Trace your noble roots; Mine workers; Criminal ancestors; Find living kin; The history of royal weddings; Use DNA in your research; Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2011 report; Cumbria region guide

Issue 104 (June 2011)
Trace Irish ancestors; Hearth Tax explained; History of the Royal Regiments; Find Berkshire family; Scottish 1911 Census revealed; Trace fishermen ancestors; Beyond the census

Issue 105 (July 2011) – SOLD
Military records made easy; Find farming family; Early Australian settlers; Find Glamorgan family; Discover ancestors’Police records; Trace British ancestors in India; Find doctors in your family

Issue 106 (August 2011)
Trace industrial workers; Press gang records revealed; The National Archives – online and in person; Find Surrey family family; British Library newspaper digitisation; Kirk Session records explained

Issue 107 (September 2011) – SOLD
Discover childhood records; The history of allotments; Get back before 1837 – expert advice; Find Wiltshire family; Find probate and wills online; Trace overseas births; The National Maritime Museum

Issue 108 (October 2011) – SOLD
500 years of online records – for free!; Grave-finding special – pro advice; Get started tracing your female line; Find family from the Scottish Borders; Find overseas marriages online; New Book Club!

Issue 109 (November 2011)
Records of the Great War; Trace apprentice kin; Get started with the Parish Chest; Find ship building forebears; Discover Welsh records online; Lost in the Highland Clearances; Find family from Somerset

Issue 110 (December 2011)
London’s best archives; Get more from birth certificates; Find print workers; Discover 16th century records online; Lost in the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak; Find family from Dublin; Track down spinsters

Issue 130 (June 2013)
Uncover new Census secrets; Get started with Newspapers; Oxfordshire family; Go further with Chancery; Huguenot ancestry; Far East Ancestors; Scottish research online; Jackson surname

Issue 131 (July 2013) – SOLD
Plan a family history trip; Vikings in Britain; Holocaust research online; Find tailors in your tree; Get started with Irish records; Find North Yorkshire family; Wright surname; Battle of the Somme

Issue 134 (October 2013) – SOLD
Death records: Wills, graves & more; History of the slave trade; Researchin Warwickshire; Get to grips with apprenticeships; Find nonconformists, Catholics & Jews online; Homefront records; Cooper surname