After 15 years one of England’s best known and loved genealogy magazines “Your Family History” magazine (also known as “Your Family Tree”) said farewell earlier this year, and ceased production, with Issue 192 (March 2018) being the last.

As a dedicated fan of this magazine, I read these from cover-to-cover. And as such I can verify that every issue was a brilliant read, and was packed with useful information on how to get the most out of your research.

For those who are interested, we have a number of back issues that we’re clearing. These sold for $15.95/per issue in Australia, but we’re clearing them for $7.50 per issue (and that includes freight, within Australia). There’s one copy of each only, so get in quick.

To order please email, or phone us on (08) 8263 2055.

Issue 85 (January 2010) – SOLD
Pass down your family’s story; Royal Mail workers; Migration records; Lunatics and witches; Trace war casualties; Date wedding photos; Organise your records; Trace Manchester roots

Issue 88 (April 2010) – SOLD
Where did the go? Cops and robbers; The Great Plague; Award winners; Trace prisoners of war; Use record offices online; Find crucial Essex records; Translate old writing

Issue 89 (Spring 2010)SOLD
Have you found the right one?; Changing rooms; Pre-1837 records; Trace women at war; Find Scottish resources; Research in Staffordshire; WDYTYA? Live 2010; Insurance records

Issue 91 (June 2010)SOLD
Identifying your war heroes; Farming family; 50 time saving tips!; Inside TNA; Looking back at child labour; Unearth Irish records; Get genealogy bargains; Find Lincolnshire forebears

Issue 92 (July 2010)SOLD
Read all about it; World Cup crazy; Dirty secrets; Listed in the workhouse; Pinpoint a regiment; Trace Welsh forebears; Share your research leads; Northern Irish records

Issue 93 (August 2010)SOLD
Wills: The Definitive Guide; Track Down Noble Roots and Find Lost Wealth in your Family’s History; Ancestors in Prison; Inside the GRP; Military Special on the Crimean War; How to Unedarth Research Occupations; Find your County Antrim Forbears; Backup your Data with Ease.

Issue 94 (September 2010)SOLD
The ultimate guide to graves; High street society; Write up your research; Jack the Ripper; Research school records; Trace Hertfordshire family; Contribute to research sites; Find census strays

Issue 96 (November 2010)SOLD
Your research problems solved; Shakespeare’s legacy; Trace American kin online; Nonconformist records; Find answers on forums; Investigate tax records; Lanarkshire region guide

Issue 99 (February 2011) – SOLD
Genealogy software special; London records online; Trace ancestors at sea; Norfolk region special; Get started with old maps and plans; Write up your family’s history; Scouting and Girl Guide records

Issue 100 (March 2011)SOLD
100th issue special edition; Census secrets revealed; 1911 image from the past; Liverpool region guide; Military census returns; Irish records online; Huguenot ancestors; Get started with immigration records

Issue 101 (Spring 2011)SOLD
Marriage records; Regional dialects; Domestic servant records; Start a family history blog; Cornish region special; Get started with Scottish records; Trace ancestors through old telephone directories

Issue 102 (April 2011) – SOLD
Trace your noble roots; Mine workers; Criminal ancestors; Find living kin; The history of royal weddings; Use DNA in your research; Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2011 report; Cumbria region guide

Issue 104 (June 2011)SOLD
Trace Irish ancestors; Hearth Tax explained; History of the Royal Regiments; Find Berkshire family; Scottish 1911 Census revealed; Trace fishermen ancestors; Beyond the census

Issue 105 (July 2011) – SOLD
Military records made easy; Find farming family; Early Australian settlers; Find Glamorgan family; Discover ancestors’Police records; Trace British ancestors in India; Find doctors in your family

Issue 106 (August 2011)SOLD
Trace industrial workers; Press gang records revealed; The National Archives – online and in person; Find Surrey family family; British Library newspaper digitisation; Kirk Session records explained

Issue 107 (September 2011) – SOLD
Discover childhood records; The history of allotments; Get back before 1837 – expert advice; Find Wiltshire family; Find probate and wills online; Trace overseas births; The National Maritime Museum

Issue 108 (October 2011) – SOLD
500 years of online records – for free!; Grave-finding special – pro advice; Get started tracing your female line; Find family from the Scottish Borders; Find overseas marriages online; New Book Club!

Issue 109 (November 2011)SOLD
Records of the Great War; Trace apprentice kin; Get started with the Parish Chest; Find ship building forebears; Discover Welsh records online; Lost in the Highland Clearances; Find family from Somerset

Issue 110 (December 2011)SOLD
London’s best archives; Get more from birth certificates; Find print workers; Discover 16th century records online; Lost in the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak; Find family from Dublin; Track down spinsters

Issue 130 (June 2013)SOLD
Uncover new Census secrets; Get started with Newspapers; Oxfordshire family; Go further with Chancery; Huguenot ancestry; Far East Ancestors; Scottish research online; Jackson surname

Issue 131 (July 2013) – SOLD
Plan a family history trip; Vikings in Britain; Holocaust research online; Find tailors in your tree; Get started with Irish records; Find North Yorkshire family; Wright surname; Battle of the Somme

Issue 134 (October 2013) – SOLD
Death records: Wills, graves & more; History of the slave trade; Research in Warwickshire; Get to grips with apprenticeships; Find nonconformists, Catholics & Jews online; Homefront records; Cooper surname

Issue 137 (January 2014)SOLD
Family history on the internet made easy; Uncover day-to-day lives on domestic servants; How to avoid aches, pains and eyestrain when researching; Dig deep and find out about undertakers in your tree; search your local archive with catalogues; research Leinster; surname Martin; Get started with Irish church records; Probate records provide a ‘virtual tour’ of an ancestor’s home

Issue 138 (February 2014)SOLD
Start your family history with these 5 simple steps; Crime in the countryside; Researching Buckinghamshire; Surname Clark; Breaking down your brickwalls; Look online for Family history directory sites; Get tips on interviewing your relatives; Trace your glass makers with the wealth of records available; Uncover old Poor Law records

Issue 139 (March 2014)SOLD
Trace your war heroes; Add colour to the past; Find out about your ancestors’ school years; Discover the stories of whalers; Read about the incredible records your can find in the Parish Chest; Researching Clwyd; Surname James; Look online for trade directories

Issue 141 (April 2014)SOLD
Earliest roots – learn how to extend our tree back to 1066 and beyond; The forgotten battlefields; Researching in Dundee; Surname Hughes; When you hit a brickwall, hire an expert; Look online at FamilySearch; Spring clean your tree; Use clubs and society records to reveal how your ancestors spent their spare time

Issue 142 (May 2014)SOLD
Find your family’s hidden secrets: the Who? What? and Where?; Researching Shropshire; Could you be related to the Kaiser’s troops?; Surname Edwards; Be wary of mistakes; Look online for Irish ancestors 1912-22; Pottery workers; What’s in squarson’s diaries?

Issue 143 (June 2014)SOLD
5 minute quick and easy results; Do you have a family hero who fought at Ypres; Get started with workhouses and institution records; look online for Australian records; use mapping software to follow the past your ancestors took; Business and bankruptcy records; Research Cheshire records; surname Marshall; barber’s skills were often a cut above the rest of other tradesmen

Issue 144 (July 2014)SOLD
Find your family for free, the ultimate guide to essential resources and money-saving tips; the new way to find Northern Ireland BMD certificates; find vital clues of sailor’s in uniform in old photos; researching Ayrshire; Hill surname; Pass on your research; understanding tithe records; The occupations of judges and lawyers are covered

Issue 145 (August 2014)SOLD
Lost and found, tracing your elusive ancestors; Find your medieval ancestors withe the best online resources; WW1 wounded and person records; research in Herefordshire; surname Morris; get started with divorce records; Get involved in transcription projects; Researching flour-makers in your tree? find out all about millers; Look at the records of industrial schools

Issue 146 (September 2014)SOLD
Trace your female line; Discover the nurses and other heroines who served in WW1; the barbaric history of dentistry; take a look at the Irish censuses online; get started with finding foundlings; Find out how many item your can find in your house that can link your to previous generations; the important role that the Royal Navy played in WW1. research the Isle of Wight; Scott surname

Issue 147 (October 2014)SOLD
The Celts: Irleand, Scotland & Wales … unique records; The start of WW1, what awaiting the first British troops in France in 1914?; Illegitimacy uncovered? Catholic ancestors and their huge array of records; create stories on your iPad; WW1 photographs; surname Phillips, researching Durham

Issue 148 (Autumn 2014)SOLD
How to map lives; Did your ancestor fight in both world wars?; Solve suspicious deaths with coroners’records; Find your North London family; Hall surname history; get started with Cremation records; Find wills online; draw a coat of arms; Wheelwrights and their records

Issue 149 (November 2014)SOLD
Your local archive; Why 1918 was the bloodiest year of WW1; Find Britain’s lost children; Ward surname; find free software to restore damaged photos; Washerwomen and laundresses; Records of the Anglican clergy, Researching Edinburgh

Issue 150 (December 2014)SOLD
150 essential hints and tips; Infant mortality; Early militia records; Get started with Quakers; Did your family sell chestnuts and trees during the festive period?; Research in Manchester; Atkinson surname; Find civil registration records online; Create a family album, and how doing so will kickstart your ancestral research; Going further with militia records

Issue 151 (January 2015)SOLD
How to find family in each century back to 1600; Discover the LDS church; Ancestors in court and their records; Explore foods that made up the diet of different classes in Victorian times; Research in Birmingham; learn how to preserve records digitally; take a look at the surname Sanderson

Issue 152 (February 2015)SOLD
Finds your Royal blood; Rorke’s Drift: the men who fought in this famous battle; Uncover what treasures might be hiding in your local church; Preserve your records; Perils of the sea; Stewart surname; Booksellers and those in the book trade; Vaccination records; Find out how to order historical maps online; and take a look at research in Ulster

Issue 153 (March 2015)SOLD
The complete census guide; Social upheaval – fighting for our rights; Carriers and deliverymen; What’s in family papers Uncover secrets; the First Boer War (1881); Asylum records online; a practical guide to printing; Research in Staffordshire; Allen surname; Banking records

Issue 154 (Spring 2015)SOLD
Uncover marriage records; Honouring the dead, how previous generations dealt with the tragic loss of loved ones; Research in West Yorkshire; a look at the surname Cook; Records of your rual ancestors; Prison records online; Locate and use vintage photographs; Discover divers and their history; Find Civil War forebears

Issue 164 (January 2016)SOLD
Swing riots and the records that can help you; Look online for Canadian records; Use Google Maps to help you locate your ancestors homes; the Victorian way of death; Follow your family around the British Isles; Research Stirlingshire; Dark tourism; The hearth tax

Issue 168 (April 2016)SOLD
Making ends meet: How our ancestors coped with hardship; The history of jury service and the records you can use; Criminal revelations and dark tales from The Police Gazette; Enjoy an Elizabethan night out!; Life tables; Research at Stratford-Upon-Avon; Costers and street sellers in Victorian England;

Issue 169 (May 2016)SOLD
Fishy business: women in the fishing trade; Look at the sports our ancestors played; Baby farming; The history of leeching; Get started with property ownership records; Vlogging; The National Library of Scotland; The life and occupation of a governess

Issue 170 (June 2016)SOLD
Get started with PRONI; Websites for exploring black sheep; Victorian shopping; Use maps to aid your family history research; Research Dublin; Explore the spooky history of spiritualism; Where to look online for ancestors LGBT records; Car manufacturers; The Battle of Naseby

Issue 171 (July 2016)SOLD
Trace your medical ancestors; Explore the history and records of bicycle makers; The Somme centenary in pictures and statistics’Take a tour around the Great Exhibition; Genealogy apps; Workhouse documents; Research Lincoln; have you ever used Sound Archives?; Women in business

Issue 184 (July 2017)SOLD
Money: credit, bankruptcy, savings, wages; Women in public life; Tracing your Manchester ancestors; Metropolitan Police pensions; Life for workhouse staff, Using the BillionGraves website.

Issue 186 (September 2017)SOLD
Your expert guide to Theatrical ancestors; Preserving family archives; Vaccination registers; the Irish Registry of Deeds; Get started researchig firemen, politicians and teachers; Research Birmingham

Issue 187 (October 2017)
How our ancestors cooked, hat they ate, and how it affected their lives; Expert guide on genealogy Down Under; Ellis Island Migration records; Poverty, war and crime; take a look at Turnpike keepers; Discover Lyme Regis and Bridport; The Traffic Light

Issue 188 (November 2017)SOLD
Use vharity records for your research; the National Burial Index; Royal Navy medival journals; Clock and watchmakers; Italian communities in Britain; Visual genealogy: make your genealogy more attractive, and more organised; Research Hereford