Diaries of a Stretcher-Bearer 1916-1918Media: BOOK – paperback, 250 pages
Author: E. Munro & D. Munro
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9781921555558
Other: b&w photos, maps, glossary, index
Publisher: Boolarong Press
Item Code: BOO027
Price: $29.95
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You’ve read many books on World War I, but not one like this.

‘Diaries of a Stretcher-Bearer’ is the story of a family that came to Australia before WWI and found itself immersed in the war with four family members taking part.

Written by Lieutenant Corporal Edward Munro of the 5th Field Ambulance A.I.F., it is a day-to-day account of the heroism of the stretcher-bearers during WWI. These men walked out into no man’s land, picked up the wounded and dying and struggled back to their own trenches through the glutinous Somme mud under fire from German snipers.

Intertwined in the book is the story of another brother evacuated from Gallipoli with typhoid fever. It tells of his whirlwind romance with the English Nurse who nursed him back to health, and the tragic end of their romance in a Royal Flying Corps training crash.

Throughout the book the author maintains his steadfast spirit in finding the lighter side of war. Contrasting the horror of war are stories of army idiocy and the camaraderie of true mateship. ‘Diaries of a Stretcher-Bearer’ is a book that reveals both the best and worst of human nature.

List of Illustrations
1. My Enlistment in the A.I.F
2. Training in France
3. To the Front at Last
4. The Somme Front
5. Delville Wood
6. The Bullecourt Battle
7. Death of James Donald Sutherland Munro A.I.F and Royal Flying Corps
8. Leave in Paris in 1918
9. Return to the Front
10. Chris Munro Dies of Wounds
11. My War Experience Comes to a Sudden End
12. The Long Sea Voyage Home on SS Runic
13. Editor’s Comment in 2010
14. Letters of Private Chris Munro
15. War Diaries of Chris Munro
16. Letters of 2nd Lt. Donald Sutherland Munro A.I.F and R.F.C
17. Recollections of World War I – its Lighter Side by Edward Munro
18. Some Munro Family Memories by Edward Munro
19. Biographies