Family Tree Tracker Magazine Hits the Shelves

Family Tree Tracker magazine 300While visiting my local newsagent recently for birthday cards, I did my usual thing of checking out the genealogy and history magazines on their stand, and what I found got me very excited. There amongst the regular magazines was a brand new Australian genealogy magazine that’d I’d never seen before.

I grabbed a copy and purchased that along with my cards, and headed home for a read.

Family Tree Tracker is its name, and has a format much like the UK genealogy magazines, in that it is a glossy magazine, with useful tips, some articles, and software reviews.

This 116 page magazine costs AUD$14.95 from my local newsagent, so it’s not a cheap one, but there’s a lot of good stuff in it, and it’s Australian related!

After checking with the publishers of it, I have found that this is a one-off magazine, so not a new regular one. It is not available to buy anywhere online, so you’ll have to check out the newsagents near you if you’re after a copy.

The contents list will give you an idea of what’s covered:

Genealogy 101
– Starting Points: 20 basis to cover off in your family history
– Historical Record: Official documents build a picture of the past
– Join a Society: 5 reasons genealogy is easier with a society
– Genealogy Sites: All the websites you’ll beed to start your research
– Get Organised: File, don’t pile, says the Organized Genealogist

– Why use Software?: How software can create and record your family tree
– Software Reviews: We sort the best from the rest
– Royal Family Tree of Windsor: The world’s most studied family tree
– Family Tree of Confucius: 83 generations of the Chinese philosopher

Real Life
– Who Do You Think You Are? Inside the hit documentary series
– Seek and Find: Genealogy’s most interesting characters

Detective Work
– Cemetery: Uncover the secrets of the dead
– 10 Clues: How to break through a brick wall
– Secrets and Lies: How to deal with lies and cover-ups
– Lost and Found: A cahnce to reunite after adoption

Past, Present, Future
– Aussie Snapshjot 21st Century: Who are Aussies today?
– How to Speak Stralyan: Aussie lingo decoded
– Generations Defined: Builders, Boomers, X, Y, and Z
– The Convicts: Australia was built on convict stock
– Immigration: The great melting pot of immigration
– Lost Diggers Fromelles: Lost soldiers unearthed and remembered
– War Medals: Medals back to their rightful owners

Archival Survival
– Restoring Vintage Photos: The art of photo restorations
– Blogging: How to share you stories
– Family History Book: Write your family history

– Ancestors at Sea: The Cruise-and-learn experience
– Accessories: A researcher’s tools of the trade
– News: Newsletters, e-zines and podcasts
– Apps: Research on the go
– Baby Photos: Childhood snaps of our production team
– Quotes of Notes: Words of wisdom to inspire

Compiled with the help of a number of contributors: Katie Cincotta, Glyn Llanwarne, Louis Kessler, Richard Ryan, John Donaldson, Jill Ball, Susan Petersen, Daria Shustova, Peter King, Carol Tang, and Adam Scroggy, a number who are well-known names in the genealogy field.

Here’s a few images to show you just what the magazine looks like …

Family Tree Tracker magazine - 1

Family Tree Tracker magazine - 3

Family Tree Tracker magazine - 4

Family Tree Tracker magazine - 5a

Family Tree Tracker magazine - 6

So if you’re after a copy, check at your local newsagent, and if they don’t have it, check with another one, or maybe you could ask if they can get it in.

15 thoughts on “Family Tree Tracker Magazine Hits the Shelves

  1. Thanks for the mention and screenshot of one of my my articles, Alona.

    There are some very useful articles in this publication.

  2. Shauna Hicks says:

    Thanks for this Alona. I rushed out this morning and got my copy at the Bribie Island newsagency.

  3. I actually bought this magazine on Sunday 6th October, thinking all the while that I had bought Family Tree magazine. Not until I was sitting with my morning coffee yesterday, ready to absord it all, did I notice I had bought Family Tree Tracker! I was quickly scanning the pages to find the subscription page because I was so keen to get this regularly as it was a local Aussie magazine. Not until reading this did the disappointment hit in regards to subscribing. I hope they get enough feedback etc to perhaps consider making this a regular monthly magazine.

  4. Carey Batchelor says:

    Got it today and immediately googled to see if it was a new magazine. Would be good if it was a regular thing. Wonder why it’s so expensive though. Already pay heaps for the English ones. Ending up subscribing to family tree online to save some money but prefer to read the old fashioned way!

  5. My local Boulder WA newsagency informed me last Thursday 3rd of the new magazine issue. On their ordering system it will apparently be issued quarterly.
    It’s good to see an Australian version of the English magazines that I buy.

  6. Jill Stockham says:

    I love looking for new History & genealogy magazines and came across this one today. snap

  7. Alona,

    Now I’m really looking forward to getting my copy of the magazine.

    Wasn’t that the 3rd Unlock Your Past Cruise that Jill was hilighting in the images of her article?


  8. Lynda Millerd says:

    I did the same thing just today, went looking for the English one to kill time reading while waiting for my daughters baby to arrive. I love it and googled to see how often it will be published too. A tad disappointed after reading this though, maybe if we all tell the publishers how great we think it is they may consider at least a bi-monthly publications!

  9. Enjoy your read when a copy of the mag arrives. It is a nicely done mag, and your contributions just add to it. As it’s aimed at a beginner, I’m not sure that it would lend itself to be monthly, but if it was quarterly or twice a year would be good. So we’ll have to see if any of our feedback gets to the publishers, and if they take note. But no doubt you’ve seen the positive feedback about it on social media.

  10. Great magazine nice to buy something that is actually published here. Waiting for the next edition any body any idea when that is?

  11. Sheila, this was a once-off magazine. But we can cross our fingers and see if it appears again. But there’s no plans at this stage.

  12. How do I contact this new magazine by email?

  13. Hi Kevin, Citrus Media are the people who compiled this once-off magazine. You can find their contact details on their website:

  14. Best magazine ever, love it !!

  15. I live in Adelaide and would like to buy FAMILY TREE TRACKER published 17/11/2014

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