Family Tree Tracker magazine 300While visiting my local newsagent recently for birthday cards, I did my usual thing of checking out the genealogy and history magazines on their stand, and what I found got me very excited. There amongst the regular magazines was a brand new Australian genealogy magazine that’d I’d never seen before.

I grabbed a copy and purchased that along with my cards, and headed home for a read.

Family Tree Tracker is its name, and has a format much like the UK genealogy magazines, in that it is a glossy magazine, with useful tips, some articles, and software reviews.

This 116 page magazine costs AUD$14.95 from my local newsagent, so it’s not a cheap one, but there’s a lot of good stuff in it, and it’s Australian related!

After checking with the publishers of it, I have found that this is a one-off magazine, so not a new regular one. It is not available to buy anywhere online, so you’ll have to check out the newsagents near you if you’re after a copy.

The contents list will give you an idea of what’s covered:

Genealogy 101
– Starting Points: 20 basis to cover off in your family history
– Historical Record: Official documents build a picture of the past
– Join a Society: 5 reasons genealogy is easier with a society
– Genealogy Sites: All the websites you’ll beed to start your research
– Get Organised: File, don’t pile, says the Organized Genealogist

– Why use Software?: How software can create and record your family tree
– Software Reviews: We sort the best from the rest
– Royal Family Tree of Windsor: The world’s most studied family tree
– Family Tree of Confucius: 83 generations of the Chinese philosopher

Real Life
– Who Do You Think You Are? Inside the hit documentary series
– Seek and Find: Genealogy’s most interesting characters

Detective Work
– Cemetery: Uncover the secrets of the dead
– 10 Clues: How to break through a brick wall
– Secrets and Lies: How to deal with lies and cover-ups
– Lost and Found: A cahnce to reunite after adoption

Past, Present, Future
– Aussie Snapshjot 21st Century: Who are Aussies today?
– How to Speak Stralyan: Aussie lingo decoded
– Generations Defined: Builders, Boomers, X, Y, and Z
– The Convicts: Australia was built on convict stock
– Immigration: The great melting pot of immigration
– Lost Diggers Fromelles: Lost soldiers unearthed and remembered
– War Medals: Medals back to their rightful owners

Archival Survival
– Restoring Vintage Photos: The art of photo restorations
– Blogging: How to share you stories
– Family History Book: Write your family history

– Ancestors at Sea: The Cruise-and-learn experience
– Accessories: A researcher’s tools of the trade
– News: Newsletters, e-zines and podcasts
– Apps: Research on the go
– Baby Photos: Childhood snaps of our production team
– Quotes of Notes: Words of wisdom to inspire

Compiled with the help of a number of contributors: Katie Cincotta, Glyn Llanwarne, Louis Kessler, Richard Ryan, John Donaldson, Jill Ball, Susan Petersen, Daria Shustova, Peter King, Carol Tang, and Adam Scroggy, a number who are well-known names in the genealogy field.

Here’s a few images to show you just what the magazine looks like …

Family Tree Tracker magazine - 1

Family Tree Tracker magazine - 3

Family Tree Tracker magazine - 4

Family Tree Tracker magazine - 5a

Family Tree Tracker magazine - 6

So if you’re after a copy, check at your local newsagent, and if they don’t have it, check with another one, or maybe you could ask if they can get it in.