Are you in a muddle with your research? Do you really know what records you have got? Do you think you could and should have cited your sources better? And what about organisation, do you know where to find anything? If you find yourself agreeing with any of these question, maybe it is time for a “Genealogy Do-Over”, or maybe even a “Genealogy Go-Over”.

Firstly for those who haven’t heard of the term “Genealogy Do-Over”, let me explain. It’s a term that was coined by Thomas MacEntee of Abundant Genealogy when he decided to put aside his 20+ years of research and start all over again.

The Genealogy Do-Over started in January 2015 as a weekly program and lasted 13-weeks. However in January 2016 the format switched to monthly, and it has been an annual thing since.

Once you get over the horror of the idea of having to start all over again, it really does make sense. What you know now about researching, is no doubt vastly different from when you first began, therefore you will record things better. You understand more about records and the information that you can glean from them. And I’m sure most of you are more methodical with your searches now, than back then.

There are thousands of people who’ve already taken part over the last few years, and it’s become quite common to hear the success stories of them breaking down brickwalls by rediscovering records they already had which answered questions they hadn’t picked first time around.

The next round of the Genealogy Do-Over starts Monday, 1 January 2018, and Month 1 topics are: Setting Previous Research Aside and Preparing to Research.

And to give you a heads-up on what other topics will be covered over the whole Do-Over here’s a list:
– Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines
– Setting Research Goals
– Conducting Self Interview
– Conducting Family Interviews
– Tracking Research
– Conducting Research
– Citing Sources
– Building a Research Toolbox
– Evaluating Evidence
– Reviewing Online Education Options
– Reviewing Genealogy Database Software
– Digitising Photos and Documents
– Conducting Collateral Research
– Reviewing Offline Education Options
– Conducting Cluster Research
– Organising Research Materials (Documents and Photos)
– Reviewing DNA Testing Options
– Organising Research Materials (Digital)
– Reviewing Social Media Options
– Building a Research Network
– Reviewing Research Travel Options
– Sharing research
– Securing research data

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To accompany you on your Do-Over ,Thomas MacEntee has created the Genealogy Do-Over book. This is available in both book and ebook format.
AUD$15.00 paperback – click here
AUD$9.95 download ebook – click here

So if you want to get on your research back on track, take part in the Do-Over (or even just a Go-Over), and I promise you, you will find encouragement, enthusiasm and guidance along the way.

And just think how much better your research will be afterwards!