End of an Era For ‘Australian Family Tree Connections’ Magazine?

AFTC June 2017It was only back in a couple of months ago that Australia’s Inside History magazine made the announcement to cease printing. Now we have more big (but very sad) news from Australian genealogy magazine scene.

The following comes from Michele Stephens, Editor of the Australian Family Tree Connections Magazine and was written in the June 2017 issue.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce this is the last issue I will be editing. Unfortunately, I am not well and must do something I thought I would never do … retire!

As you know, this magazine has been my passion since I created it 25 years ago and I always envisaged publishing and editing it until the end of my days but, sadly, that is not to be. I need to slow down and learn to enjoy taking it easy – a challenge, as I was simply not built to be idle!

Of course, before I step down forever, I will be doing everything in my power to enable the magazine to continue ‘under new management’ which might even include a ‘hand over’ period where I function for a few months as ‘consulting editor’. All options are open for consideration.My inconvenient health, of course means that there may be a delay between this and the next issue, however I will keep you updated via our website – click on the news button to see the latest.

And, as this may be my last opportunity, I must record my immense gratitude to all our subscribers, readers and advertisers for your steadfast loyalty and participation – it could not have existed without you. It has been an absolute joy to produce the magazine each month, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

My very best wishes to everyone for many more family connections.
Michele Stephens, Editor”

With thousands and thousands of readers right across Australia and New Zealand over the past 25 years, the Australian Family Tree Connections magazine proved that there is a need for an Australian genealogy magazine. And since none were around back then, Michele created it, and ran it continued until now!

As she writes above, “before I step down forever, I will be doing everything in my power to enable the magazine to continue under new management” … so we’ll have to see what happens, but let’s hope this isn’t the end of Australia’s longest running genealogy magazine.

For anyone who is interested in back issues of the Australian Family Tree Connections magazine, now is a good time to buy them, as once they’re gone, they’re gone.


13 thoughts on “End of an Era For ‘Australian Family Tree Connections’ Magazine?

  1. Jennifer Lydon Perth WA says:

    So sorry to hear this Michelle. I wish you a happy and peaceful retirement and thank you producing the magazine for as long as you did.

  2. Margaret Conduit says:

    Sorry to hear of your ill health and can only hope that you are able to find a replacement. I read it cover to cover every month and with the decline of snail mail, at least I know I will get one thing from the postie every month. Wishing you a happy retirement and improved health and a big thanks for all you have done for genealogy in Australia and New Zealand.

  3. Good luck in your retirement.

  4. Very sorry to hear the news about AFTC may becoming to an end. I wish Michelle all the best health wise.

  5. Thank you for giving us so much of your very precious life.
    May your successor be worthy and true.
    ThNk you again.
    My heart is full.

  6. Kate Black says:

    Thank you for your wonderful magazine. I was fortunate to have had three articles published over the years. I thought I would try and get an extra copy of those three magazines but the phone number seems to have been disconnected. Does anyone have another contact number?

    Thanks Kate.

  7. Sharon Green says:

    Wishing you all the very best. Hoping that your wishes for the future of the magazine come to be, but most importantly that your health recovers. All the best and a very big thank you on behalf of all of us who have a passion for family history.

  8. Wendy Eldridge says:

    Thank you for all that you have done for Australian Family History/Genealogy. You have been a wonderful support and I will be always grateful for the time you always took to assist me when ever I needed help. I so hope someone is able to take the magazine on and continue to bring to us a magazine that allows us the opportunity to share our stories and photos. Thank you Michele for being you,

  9. Thank you so much Alona for helping to spread the news, and thank you to everyone for responding with such kind comments.
    It’s now end of July and nothing definite to report, however we will be keeping everyone informed via the “News” button on our website.
    With best wishes to everyone for great success with your family history research.

  10. Thanks so much for the comments Michele … and I look forward to hearing more about the future of AFTC in due course.

  11. Barbara Ellard says:

    Michelle, I have appreciated your work – it helped me find a lot. Please take care of yourself. If the magazine can continue, we will be the winners. Many thanks for your work.

  12. So sorry someone has not been found to continue your marvelous magazine. Our society has benefited greatly from you being kind enough to publicise our records. It is still a ‘go to’ magazine when we have new members in our library. You will be sadly missed. All the very best for your future Michele.

  13. Jennywrennz says:

    Michele, Thank you for all the years of hard work you have put into the Magazine. I have enjoyed reading it.
    As one who did a newsletter and received your Magazine I can appreciate all the massive effort it takes.
    We here in New Zealand will miss you and the little anecdotes you wrote.
    Believe me when I tell you, there is no such thing as retirement.
    You just change from being paid for what you do to volunteering what you do.
    The important thing is to learn how to pace yourself and learn to say NO sometimes.
    This helps keep things in perspective and will aid your recovery. Take care.

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