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It’s that time again. Yes, there’s another Unlock the Past cruise not that far away. In fact there are several. The next one is actually less than a month away, so unfortunately for those going on that cruise, we won’t be able to supply you t-shirts in time. But rather we’re planning ahead for the 7th Unlock the Past cruise to Western Australia in January 2015 and for those who what to be REALLY organised, the 8th Unlock the Past cruise to the Baltic in July 2015.

We know that Christmas time is busy for everyone, not to mention that our manufacturer closes down for a month or so, which is why we’re opening up the t-shirts now for ordering now. Because we want to get these made and delivered to you before Christmas.

As always, these are not an item that we stock. And we only order those that are required. So if you’d like to be seen sporting a snazzy (and exclusive, did I mention exclusive as you can’t get these anywhere else) Unlock the Past Cruise t-shirt send your order in now.

If you have been on an Unlock the Past cruise in the past but didn’t get an order in, in time to grab yourself a t-shirt, now you can. And future geneacruisers feel free to order yours now … as can anyone else that loves a good (and fabulously coloured) polo shirt.

Wearing these shirts on a cruise (apart from being such an easy thing to wear) makes it a really fabulous, and easy way to help identify who is part of the genealogy group onboard. And as we’ve found from experience in the past, it also gets the other cruisers asking about it too.

As with the last cruise, we have eight colours to choose from, for both men and women, which include a bunch of bright colours as well as black and white … AAAANND … we’ve also made the t-shirts not specific for any particular cruise. The front is simply embroidered with the “Unlock the Past” logo, while the back has “Genealogy Cruising” and the Unlock the Past Cruises website printed on it.

Please note the date, and get your order in by then, as we’ll be sending an order off to the manufacturer straight after that.

Ladies t-shirts: available in 8 colours, and in sizes from 8-24, AUD$39.95
Mens t-shirts: available in 8 colours, and in sizes from S-5XL, AUD$39.95

Please note, we won’t have t-shirts available for sale on the ship, as we only order what is actually ordered.