Old NewspapersFor the past few months the folks over in the old newspapers department of the National Library of Australia have worked hard to bring us a batch of fabulous new (old) newspapers to view online!

Digitisation of these titles was funded by the National Library of Australia with microfilm supplied by the ANPlan partners.

The Australian Workman (Sydney, NSW: 1890-1897)
The Bird O’ Freedom (Sydney, NSW: 1891-1896)
The Dead Bird (Sydney, NSW: 1889-1891)
Dutch Australian Weekly (Sydney, NSW: 1951-1993)
Dutch Weekly (Sydney, NSW: 1993-2004)
The Workers’ Weekly (Sydney, NSW: 1923-1939)

Balonne Beacon (St. George, Qld: 1909-1954)
The Beaudesert Times (Qld: 1908-1954)
Brisbane Telegraph (Qld: 1948-1954)
The Bundaberg Mail (Qld: 1917-1925)
The Bundaberg Mail and Burnett Advertiser (Qld: 1892-1917)
The Daily Mail (Brisbane, Qld: 1903-1926)
The Daily Northern Argus (Rockhampton, Qld: 1875-1896)
The Dalby Herald (Qld: 1910-1954)
Dalby Herald and Western Queensland Advertiser (Qld: 1886-1879)
The Evening Advocate (Innisfail, Qld: 1941-1954)
The Evening Telegraph (Charters Towers, Qld: 1901-1921)
Johnstone River Advocate (Geraldton, Qld: 1906-1908)
Johnstone River Advocate and Innisfail News (Qld: 1928-1941)
Northern Argus (Rockhampton, Qld: 1865-1874)
The St. George Standard and Balonne Advertiser (Qld: 1878-1879; 1902-1904)
The Toowoomba Chronicle and Queensland Advertiser (Qld: 1861-1875)
Toowoomba Chronicle and Darling Downs General Advertiser (Qld: 1875-1902)

Australian Christian Commonwealth (SA: 1901-1940)
Blyth Agriculturist (SA: 1908-1954)
Border Chronicle (Bordertown, SA: 1908-1950)
Christian Colonist (SA: 1878-1894)
Critic (Adelaide, SA: 1897-1924)
The Express (Adelaide, SA: 1922-1923)
Glenelg Guardian (SA: 1914-1954)
The Pennant (Penola, SA: 1946-1954)
Port Adelaide News (SA: 1904)
Port Adelaide News (SA:1913-1933)
Quorn Mercury (SA: 1895-1954)
Sport (Adelaide, SA: 1911-1948)
The Terowie Enterprise (SA: 1884-1891)
Yorke’s Peninsula Advertiser (SA: 1878-1922)
Yorke’s Peninsula Advertiser and Miners’ and Farmers’ Journal (SA: 1875-1878)
Yorke’s Peninsula Advertiser and Miners’ News (SA: 1872-1874)

The Coastal News and North Western Advertiser (Ulverstone, Tas: 1890-1893)
Deloraine – Westbury Advocate (Ulverstone, Tas: 1893-1894)
The Derwent Star and Van Diemen’s Land Intelligencer (Hobart, Tas: 1810-1812)
King Island News (Currie, King Island: 1912-1954)
The North Coast Standard (Latrobe, Tas: 1890-1894)
The North Western Chronicle (Latrobe, Tas: 1887-1888)

The Colonial Mining Journal, Railway and Share Gazette (Vic: 1858-1859)
The Colonial Mining Journal, Railway and Share Gazette and Illustrated Record (Melbourne, Vic: 1859-1861)

The Australian (Perth, WA: 1917-1923)
The Avon Gazette and Kellerberrin News (WA: 1914-1916)
The Avon Gazette and York Times (WA: 1916-1930)
The Blackwood Times (Bunbury, WA: 1905-1920; 1945-1954)
Coolgardie Miner (WA: 1894-1917)
The Leonora Miner (WA: 1910-1928)
Narrogin Observer (WA: 1952-1954)
The Northam Advertiser (WA: 1895-1918; 1948-1954)
The Pingelly Leader (WA: 1906-1925)
Pingelly-Brookton Leader (WA: 1925-1926)
The Southern Districts Advocate (Katanning, WA: 1913-1936)
The Sun (Kalgoorlie, WA: 1898-1919)
The W.A. Record (Perth, WA: 1888-1922)
Yilgarn Merredin Times (Southern Cross, WA: 1921-1923)