The Latest Old Newspapers Added to Trove

Old NewspapersFor the past few months the folks over in the old newspapers department of the National Library of Australia have worked hard to bring us a batch of fabulous new (old) newspapers to view online!

Digitisation of these titles was funded by the National Library of Australia with microfilm supplied by the ANPlan partners.

The Australian Workman (Sydney, NSW: 1890-1897)
The Bird O’ Freedom (Sydney, NSW: 1891-1896)
The Dead Bird (Sydney, NSW: 1889-1891)
Dutch Australian Weekly (Sydney, NSW: 1951-1993)
Dutch Weekly (Sydney, NSW: 1993-2004)
The Workers’ Weekly (Sydney, NSW: 1923-1939)

Balonne Beacon (St. George, Qld: 1909-1954)
The Beaudesert Times (Qld: 1908-1954)
Brisbane Telegraph (Qld: 1948-1954)
The Bundaberg Mail (Qld: 1917-1925)
The Bundaberg Mail and Burnett Advertiser (Qld: 1892-1917)
The Daily Mail (Brisbane, Qld: 1903-1926)
The Daily Northern Argus (Rockhampton, Qld: 1875-1896)
The Dalby Herald (Qld: 1910-1954)
Dalby Herald and Western Queensland Advertiser (Qld: 1886-1879)
The Evening Advocate (Innisfail, Qld: 1941-1954)
The Evening Telegraph (Charters Towers, Qld: 1901-1921)
Johnstone River Advocate (Geraldton, Qld: 1906-1908)
Johnstone River Advocate and Innisfail News (Qld: 1928-1941)
Northern Argus (Rockhampton, Qld: 1865-1874)
The St. George Standard and Balonne Advertiser (Qld: 1878-1879; 1902-1904)
The Toowoomba Chronicle and Queensland Advertiser (Qld: 1861-1875)
Toowoomba Chronicle and Darling Downs General Advertiser (Qld: 1875-1902)

Australian Christian Commonwealth (SA: 1901-1940)
Blyth Agriculturist (SA: 1908-1954)
Border Chronicle (Bordertown, SA: 1908-1950)
Christian Colonist (SA: 1878-1894)
Critic (Adelaide, SA: 1897-1924)
The Express (Adelaide, SA: 1922-1923)
Glenelg Guardian (SA: 1914-1954)
The Pennant (Penola, SA: 1946-1954)
Port Adelaide News (SA: 1904)
Port Adelaide News (SA:1913-1933)
Quorn Mercury (SA: 1895-1954)
Sport (Adelaide, SA: 1911-1948)
The Terowie Enterprise (SA: 1884-1891)
Yorke’s Peninsula Advertiser (SA: 1878-1922)
Yorke’s Peninsula Advertiser and Miners’ and Farmers’ Journal (SA: 1875-1878)
Yorke’s Peninsula Advertiser and Miners’ News (SA: 1872-1874)

The Coastal News and North Western Advertiser (Ulverstone, Tas: 1890-1893)
Deloraine – Westbury Advocate (Ulverstone, Tas: 1893-1894)
The Derwent Star and Van Diemen’s Land Intelligencer (Hobart, Tas: 1810-1812)
King Island News (Currie, King Island: 1912-1954)
The North Coast Standard (Latrobe, Tas: 1890-1894)
The North Western Chronicle (Latrobe, Tas: 1887-1888)

The Colonial Mining Journal, Railway and Share Gazette (Vic: 1858-1859)
The Colonial Mining Journal, Railway and Share Gazette and Illustrated Record (Melbourne, Vic: 1859-1861)

The Australian (Perth, WA: 1917-1923)
The Avon Gazette and Kellerberrin News (WA: 1914-1916)
The Avon Gazette and York Times (WA: 1916-1930)
The Blackwood Times (Bunbury, WA: 1905-1920; 1945-1954)
Coolgardie Miner (WA: 1894-1917)
The Leonora Miner (WA: 1910-1928)
Narrogin Observer (WA: 1952-1954)
The Northam Advertiser (WA: 1895-1918; 1948-1954)
The Pingelly Leader (WA: 1906-1925)
Pingelly-Brookton Leader (WA: 1925-1926)
The Southern Districts Advocate (Katanning, WA: 1913-1936)
The Sun (Kalgoorlie, WA: 1898-1919)
The W.A. Record (Perth, WA: 1888-1922)
Yilgarn Merredin Times (Southern Cross, WA: 1921-1923)

13 thoughts on “The Latest Old Newspapers Added to Trove

  1. Yoo Hoo! Trove is my favourite web site.

  2. Trove is my favourite favourite site too. Marg. H. Sth Aust.

  3. as stated Trove is a marvellous incredible project, extremely successful and in these days of forcing everyone to go online for everything it has become a necessity as well as a joy to use. I am sure that schools and other educational institutions will use it more and more, finding out what we genealogy fans have known for some time. Months and years of going through records manually faded away once Trove appeared, the same information in minutes. The processes and programs used have also stood the test of time they are SIMPLE simplicity is beauty and are traversable by anyone no matter what age. I would bet that other cultures than anglo etc. also find them easy to use too. Any help to avert down gradation of Trove – I would like to help.

  4. Trevor Millard says:

    This article from the ABC is worrying. Perhaps local and potential federal parliamentary members could by advised by all of their feelings.

  5. norma french says:

    Hi Can you tell me by email when the Kalgoorlie miner and kalgoorlie argus western australia newspapers will be going further than 1954 thank you.

  6. norma french says:

    thank you

  7. Hi Norma, I’m sorry I can’t answer your query, and it’s something that you would need to get in touch with the NLA’s Newspaper Digitisation team to ask. You can find their contact details here =>

  8. Aileen Clarke says:

    Best website on the internet. Use it for my own research and when researching for the local history group

  9. Carmel L. Davis says:

    I also love Trove for researching – My question is when or in the near future will Brisbane Telegraph be digitised for the year 1938 .

    Thank you

  10. Hi Carmel, I’m sorry I can’t answer your query, and it’s something that you would need to get in touch with the NLA’s Newspaper Digitisation team to ask. You can find their contact details here =>

  11. Shirley-Anne Barber says:

    Searching for information about Robert Francis leis Born in Wondai , Queensland about 1944.

  12. Do NOT get sucked in by the FREE family history claims, when you try to access this site it sends you to a form where it requires your credit details, (FREE MY “BUTT”)

  13. Hi Tomasso, I’m not sure what you’ve clicked on to require a credit card, unless it’s adverts around the side … but I assure you that Trove is 100% free, no credit card is required.

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