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If you are in Australia or New Zealand and are into family history, you should already have heard about National Family History Month which is on for the whole of August.

This is a time when individuals and groups promote family history to the public, which ca be done in any number of ways. Seminars, open days, a stand at a local public venue, tours, and more.

Have you participated in any? Or hosted one even?

Even though we’re half-way through the month, with over 330 events scheduled, there’s still plenty to do, including many activities you can do at home or online. So if you haven’t checked recently, be sure to do so.

Online events
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And Shauna Hicks who is voluntary national coordinator for National Family History Month (NFHM), has her 31 activities lists available again for you to download.
31 Genealogy Activities for Researchers During National Family History Month August 2015
31 Genealogy Activities for Societies During National Family History Month August 2015
How many activities will you complete this month?