Legacy Family Tree and Windows 10

Legacy 8 and Windows 10

If you have Legacy Family Tree version 8, and have (or are thinking about getting) Windows 10, the following is an announcement from the makers of Legacy Family Tree …

Windows 10 is here and we are pleased to report that Legacy Family Tree software works great!

While I just installed Windows 10 this morning, many of our Legacy users have been testing Legacy with Windows 10 for months now without issue. Both look really good. From all the reviews I’ve read, like this one here, the new operating system is a good, solid release.

It’s also one of our hot topics right now on our new Legacy Facebook Group. Join the conversation or share your experience here.

If you are wanting more information about Legacy Family Tree, or are wanting to try it our for free, you can do so here.

4 thoughts on “Legacy Family Tree and Windows 10

  1. This is in contrast with Family Tree Maker 2014. Very many users who have upgraded to Windows 10 are experiencing crashes in Family View – as opposed to Pegigre View.
    Ancestry tech support are denying that there is a problem. No patch is yet forthcoming.
    See Ancestry user boards.

  2. Preston Bradberry says:

    Legacy Family Tree will not load persons name or anything in the search column. Internet>internet for current person>search>Screen Left Column What would you like to search for> Right Column all blank boxes. Windows 8.1 all works fine. So what is going on.

  3. Preston, if you have having problems with Legacy 8 on Win 10, I’m sure that Legacy themselves would be interested to know, so they can find out what’s happening and look for a fix. You can find their contact details on on their website http://www.legacyfamilytree.com.

  4. I have no problems with Legacy and W10

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