logo - Museum Week 2015We’ve seen amazing impact that using social media to highlight historical items, collections, archives etc has. Putting it simply, it works. It makes people realise the types of records that exist, and where they are held.

In my opinion it is a fabulous way to highlight and create interest in these kind of organisations. Many who despite their amazing collection, just don’t get the attention they deserve.

Recently we had #MuseumSelfie Day which was a huge success with people from right around the world taking part, and snapping themselves at a museum. Now we have #MuseumWeek. This international event is being held from 23-29 March, and is open to all Museums, big and small, and gives them a chance to celebrate their culture and collections on Twitter.

7 Days. 7 Themes. 7 Hashtags. They #MuseumWeek are having a different ‘theme’ each day it’ll keep it interesting for everyone involved.

logo - Museum Week Days

So to the all the Museums out there, show us (the public) what you have, and take part in #MuseumWeek.

Registration is free, simple and quick! And you can sign up here. For more indepth info, check this out

To be involved simply register on their website, get yourself a Twitter account, follow @MuseumWeek, then spend some time checking out the cool items in your museums collection, so you’ll be ready and raring to go in time for #MuseumWeek!!

For us (the public, the non-museum-working folk) we can simply sit back and enjoy it by watching the hashtags. Use the #MuseumWeek one, but also use those for each day (those in the picture above), and see what the Museums themselves are tweeting. And to do this you don’t even need a Twitter account. Just go to www.twitter.com, and type in #museumweek in the search bar at the top, and everything using that hashtag will come up! Simple!