I admit that I N-E-V-E-R expected to hear the words Rock Star and Genealogist together in the same sentence, let alone hear the term as a way to describe fellow noted genealogists in the field. But I love it!!

One of my fav geneabloggers John D. Reid from Anglo-Celtic Connections, asks the question who is your favourite Rock Star Genealogist? By this he means, who are “must-see” people at genie events, or who write “must-read” articles or books.

He has a list of over 70 people to date, from many countries, including quite a number from Australia. You can only vote once, but you can vote for an many Rock Star Genealogists as you wish. Click here to take the survey.

I have voted, and included a couple of extras not yet on the list in the Comments box, as I feel that they’re worthy of being there.

So go ahead and have YOUR say on who YOUR favourite genealogy Rock Stars are!!

Voting closes Saturday 28th January
(Canadian time, so that’s likely to be Sunday morning Australian time).

And if you love the whole Rock Star Genealogist thing enough to wear it, check out the Zazzle website as they happen to have two such t-shirts.