If you think you misread that title, no you didn’t. BillionGraves are indeed giving away iPads. But, (yes there is a but) you do have to work for it!

Sadly I’ve only just come across their June promotion (I’m really not sure why I missed it), so I do apologise for this rather late notice, but it is still possible to enter. The team at BillionGraves have put the challenge to you to photograph and upload 50,000 headstones or alternatively transcribe 50,000 entries on the BillionGraves website during June. And if you do either, you will be sent an iPad. No questions asked!! They ran this during May too, and there are several people who have shiny new iPads now.

I know for us Aussies the winter weather has kicked in, so going out cemetery walking to to get 50,000 photos in the next week and a bit might be a tough ask. But hey if you can do it, go for it. And for those in the northern hemisphere. Go out and enjoy some sun, and and photograph some graves while you’re at it.

For more details on this offer check out this link (you will need to scroll to near the bottom of it).

So what are you waiting for. There’s cemeteries that need photographing, and an iPad waiting for you!