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If you have New Zealand ancestors, cancel any plans that you had this weekend as you’re in for a weekend-long genealogy-fest. You can thank for that, as they are offering FREE ACCESS to their entire New Zeleand collection from Friday 16th May 2014, until Monday 19th May 2014.

With 30 million historical records online relating to New Zealand,’s collection is the largest one online. There’s no doubt people moved between Australia and New Zealand regularly¬† – even in the past. So if you have ‘lost’ and Australian ancestor … why not check out the New Zealand records, and you simply ‘just never know’.

As with all Ancestry Free offers you do need to have an account. So to view these records you will need to register for free with with your name and email address. They will then send you a user name and password enabling you to access the records. After the free access period ends, you will only be able to view the records in the featured New Zealand collections using an paid membership.

Access to the records in the featured New Zealand collections will be free until 11:59 p.m. 19 May 2014 NZST.


New Zealand Census & Voter Lists
New Zealand, Electoral Rolls, 1853-1981 Free 20,839,231
New Zealand, Maori Voter and Electoral Rolls, 1908 & 1919 Free 35,105
Canterbury, New Zealand, Provincial Rolls, 1868-1874 Free 24,024
New Zealand Birth, Marriage & Death
New Zealand Birth Index, 1840-1950 Free 2,250,215
New Zealand, Death Index, 1848-1980 Free 1,507,722
New Zealand, Marriage Index, 1840-1950 Free 1,402,153
Web: Australia and New Zealand, Rootsweb Death Index, 1813-2003 Free 425,941
Australia and New Zealand Obituary Collection Free 242,908
New Zealand Military
Chronicles of the N.Z.E.F., 1916-1919 Free Free 1,467
New Zealand Army Medal Rolls, 1860-1919 Free Free 7,765
New Zealand WWI Military Defaulters, 1919-1921 Free Free 2,484
New Zealand Army WWI Reserve Rolls, 1916-1917 Free 179,188
New Zealand Army WWII Nominal Rolls, 1939-1948 Free 124,535
New Zealand Army WWI Nominal Rolls, 1914-1918 Free 100,721
New Zealand Army WWI Casualty Lists, 1914-1919 Free 61,475
New Zealand Army WWI Roll of Honour, 1914-1919 Free 18,165
New Zealand Immigration & Travel
New Zealand, Naturalisations, 1843-1981 Free 138,485
New Zealand, Registered Ships & Owners, 1840-1950 Free 0
New Zealand, White Wings, 1924, 1928 (Volumes 1 & 2) Free 0
New Zealand Schools, Directories & Church Histories
New Zealand, City & Area Directories, 1866-1954 Free 7,947,934
New Zealand, Registers of Medical Practitioners and Nurses, 1873, 1882-1933 Free 112,993
The Rise and Progress of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand Free 282
Ancestors of Welding Ring and His Wife Ida Malvina Mailler Free 206
The Pedigrees of Lloyd of Dolobran, Montgomeryshire; The Wordsworth Family; Foster, late of Le Court, Hants; Hanbury of Holfield Grange, Essex; Wakefield of Sedgwick House, Kendal; and Wakefield of New Zealand and So. Australia Free 27
New Zealand Convict, Criminal, Land & Wills
New Zealand, Notices of Deceased Estates, 1880-1950 Free 83,202
New Zealand, Jury Lists, 1842-1862 Free 47,211
New Zealand, Maori Land Claims, 1858-1980 Free 2,347
New Zealand Reference, Dictionaries & Almanacs
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, 1897-1906 (Volumes 1-6) Free 0
New Zealand, Auckland, Chapman’s Gazetteer, 1867 Free 0
New Zealand Stories, Memories & Histories
New Zealand Index, 1899, 1908, 1915 & 1939 Free 0
Early History of New Zealand, From Earliest Times To 1845 Free 0
The Defenders of New Zealand Free 329
Principal Women of The Empire: Australia and New Zealand, Vol. 1 Free 120
Datus, A Chronology of New Zealand from the Time of the Moa, 1931 Free 0
New Zealand, Settlement of Otago, 1898 Free Free 207


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