download buttonMore good news for Aussie genealogists, or more to the point for those researching their Queensland family. While the Queensland Registrar has had the BDM indexes online for sometime, you still had to manually apply and get the certificate sent out to you.

As a sign of another organisation moving with the times, the Queensland Registrar now gives you the option of buying a copy of the printed certificate which gets mailed out to you OR you can order a digital copy which you can then download instantly.

Now isn’t that just FABULOUS? But it doesn’t end there. The printed certificates which were $37, have dropped to $28, and the digital copies are only $20. So there’s pluses all round.

The historical indexes cover the following periods:
– Births 1829 to 1914
– Marriages 1829 to 1938
– Deaths 1829 to 1983

If you order a printed certificate you get the details filled in, in little boxes and printed on the official yellow paper showing it’s from the Registrar. But if you order a download, you will receive a digital image of the original handwritten record.

I can see that both have their merits, so I’d find it a tough choice choosing whether to go for the printed copy or the download. But it’s up to you to choose, not me!

Now, just as information I thought I’d list just what information is included on Queensland BDM certificates (this information is courtesy of Graham Jaunay’s “What’s on an Australian BDM Certificate“)

QUEENSLAND BIRTH CERTIFICATES (Classed as historical  after 100 years)
Name, Date, Place, Father’s name, Father’s occupation, Father’s age, Father’s birthplace, Mother’s name, Maiden name, Mother’s age, Mother’s birthplace, Marriage date, Previous children.

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES (Classed as historical after 75 years)
Date, Couple’s names, Couple’s ages, Couple’s birthplaces, Previous status, Couple’s occupations, Couple’s residences, Fathers’ names, Fathers’ occupations, Groom’s mothers name, Bride’s mothers name.

DEATH CERTIFICATES (Classed as historical after 30 years)
Name, Date, Death place, Age, Occupation, Cause of death, Parents’ names, Spouse names, Marriage details, Children’s names, No. of children, Birthplace, Residency, Burial place

To start searching the the historical Queensland BDM records, head on over to:

 Queensland BDM Certificate 500