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With cooler, wet weather has arrived in the southern part of the world, so it’s a great time to spend this weekend at home researching, and with Anzac Day coming up, Ancestry are giving your FREE access to millions of Australian and New Zealand military records (and some UK ones too).

Anzac Day on 25th of April marks the anniversary of the day in 1915 during World War 1 when Australian and New Zealand troops went ashore at Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli peninsula. This was the Anzacs first major military action as part of the Great War. But Anzac Day goes beyond the anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. It is the day on which we remember all Australians who served and died in war and on operational service. The spirit of Anzac, with its qualities of courage, mateship, and sacrifice, continues to have meaning and relevance for our sense of national identity.

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Here is a list of records that are included in the free access weekend:
– ANZAC Memorial, 1914-1918
– Australia, Imperial Force Burials At Gallipoli, 1915
– Australia, World War II Military Service Records, 1939-1945
– Australia, WWI Service Records, 1914-1920
– British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920
– British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920
– British Army WWI Service Records, 1914-1920
– British Commonwealth War Graves Registers, 1914-1918
– Chronicles of the N.Z.E.F., 1916-1919
– England, The National Roll of the Great War, 1914-1918
– New South Wales, Australia, Cowra Military Camps Personnel Photo Index, 1905-1970
– New Zealand Army Medal Rolls, 1860-1919
– New Zealand Army WWI Nominal Rolls, 1914-1918
– New Zealand Army WWI Reserve Rolls, 1916-1917
– New Zealand Army WWI Roll of Honour, 1914-1919
– New Zealand Army WWII Nominal Rolls, 1939-1948
– New Zealand Expeditionary Force Record of Personal Service, 1914-1918
– New Zealand WWI Military Defaulters, 1919-1921
– New Zealand, Roll of Honour, 1840-1903
– New Zealand, World War II Appointments, Promotions, Transfers and Resignations, 1939-1945
– New Zealand, World War II Ballot Lists, 1940-1945
– UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
– UK, Citations of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1914-1920
– UK, Commonwealth War Graves, 1914-1921 and 1939-1947
– UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949
– UK, Naval Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972
– UK, Navy Lists, 1888-1970
– UK, Silver War Badge Records, 1914-1920
– UK, WWI War Diaries (France, Belgium and Germany), 1914-1920
– UK, WWI War Diaries (Gallipoli and Dardanelles), 1914-1916

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