RootsMagic 6When you’re wanting to learn more about your new genealogy program don’t forget to check out YouTube, as there are a who heap of tutorial videos online.

While browsing around there, I came across this one for RootsMagic 6 highlighting their places and mapping feature. Now that does tend to be one of those features that people just don’t get into because they’re just not quite sure about it. But in RootsMagic 6 you can view your family on a map.  To do so simply select a family member from the list and RootsMagic will display the map (anywhere in the world), with pins where that person’s events (birth, marriage, death, burial, etc) occurred.

So if you have RootsMagic, or are interested in it … take a look at this video.

You can download a free version of RootsMagic to try it out here.

If you wish to purchase, or read more about the features of the program, you can find it here.

And for even more tutorial-type help on how to use and get the most out of your RootsMagic program, be sure to check out the RootsMagic webinars which you can view online or download to your computer to watch at a later date.