Click on titles below for more details on each. Some of the titles below are ‘special order’ titles.



Arrivals and Departures New South Wales 1788-1825 – DATA CD
This is the second in a series being published which will cover free shipping into New South Wales to 1842. Free Passengers 1826-1837 was released in 2009. Includes nearly 5,500 records of arrivals and 3,000 departures of free persons, military and crew on convict ships, whales and trading vessels. While convict arrivals are not included, convicts who were moved from one settlement to another are listed.


They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Young Australia 1862 – E. Johnson – $16.50 NEW EDITION
Contains all known information on this voyage (departed Gravesend 8 May 1862, departed Plymouth 15 May 1862, arrived Brisbane 12 August 1862). Details come from official, newspaper and other sources. Also includes b&w photos, and a map.


Queensland Government Gazette 1905 – DATA CD – $47.50
Example Entry:

HIS Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, has been pleased to accept the resignations tendered by HENRY PONTING, JOHN DALE, RICHARD WALTER SCOUGALL, STEWART CRUMBY CUNNINGHAM, and JAMES CONNOR of their appointments as Trustees of the Reserve for Cricket Ground and Recreation purposes, in the parish of Tiaro, described in Proclamation dated 28th October, 1880.


Victorian Directory 1929 (Sands and McDougall) – DATA CD – $49.50
A massive directory of almost 2,400 pages, this Sands and McDougall directory, which in 1929 was in its 73rd year of publication, consists not only of a Melbourne Directory, but also its Suburbs and the country areas too.



Yorkshire Parish Registers: Addingham 1612-1812 – DATA CD – $25.00
Transcribed and edited by George Denison Lumb, and published in 1920, this CD is a facsimile of transcripts of the registers for the parish of Addingham in Yorkshire West Riding, and contains baptisms, marriages and burials 1612-1812. Complete with indexes of names and places.


Durham Parish Registers: Durham (St Nicholas) 1540-1812 – DATA CD – $20.00
Transcripts of the Marriage Registers for the parish St Nicholas, in Durham 1540 to 1812. It includes a list of those people whose Banns called at St. Nicholas, Durham, but who were not married there. Complete with indexes of names and places.


Shropshire Parish Registers: Wem 1583-1812 – DATA CD – $42.50
A series of 5 volumes, published between 1906-1908, these contain transcriptions of the Parish Registers of Wem in Shropshire. Contains Baptisms, Marriages and Burials for the period 1583-1812, and is complete with over 100 pages of indexes of names, places and subjects.


Early Norman Castles of the British Isles – DATA CD – $29.50
The successful invasion of England in 1066 by Duke William of Normandy brought the full force of continental feudalism to England and firmly established the Norman castle and its architecture as the premier pattern for design for the island. It was a new way of building and of governing, using a fortified castle of massive proportions as a base for a limited number of highly skilled knights on horseback. This history begins with a survey of English Norman castles, described and identified by the name of the builder or the family associated with it. Then follow chapters on Welsh and then on Scottish Norman castles. This last section primarily deals with King David and his successors, and with the introduction of a fully developed feudalism into Scotland. Finally, there is a section on the introduction of the Norman castle into Ireland.



The Haigs of Bemersyde: A Family History – DATA CD – $29.50
The history of the Haigs has for centuries been intertwined with the lands of Bemersyde which they held. Family legend said they were of Pictish origin, but an Anglo-Norman feudal origin is more likely. They settled at Bemersyde on the River Tweed in Roxburghshire in the reign of King Malcolm IV. Through the centuries, this family often was at the center of national life, and shared the fate of the causes they espoused. This history is a comprehensive one, tracing the fate of this primary line over the course of many centuries. Included are genealogies of the Haigs of Bemersyde, Clackmannanshire, and Yorkshire. There is as well an extensive chapter on Border life and customs.


The Family of Inglis of Auchindinny and Redhall – DATA CD – $29.50
This is primarily a history of the Scottish family of Inglis of Auchindinny and Redhall and it touches on the great historical events of the day only as the participants interact with those powerful individuals or events. The work begins with an account of the early history of the family, but the main focus is more on the period after 1600 than before.


Covenanters in Moray and Ross – DATA CD – $29.50
This is a revised second edition of a history of the reformed or fundamental religious movement drawn from Presbyterianism and flourishing particularly in the most isolated regions of Scotland. It was a religious reformation movement which was particularly strong in the middle of the 17th century, when it grew to monumental proportions and threatened the established church and state. This study is limited to Moray and Ross, and from around 1638 through 1688. It traces the northern response to the Covenanter movement and provides material on prominent Covenanters, royal or episcopal families loyal to the king, and on those who suffered for this religious movement. It continues through the Reformation and into the late 17th century.


The Catholic Highlands of Scotland – DATA CD – $29.50
This history of post-Reformation Catholicism in Scotland concentrates upon an account in Volume 1 of that religion in the central Highlands. It provides information on Catholicism in Strathbogie, Glenlivet, Strathavon, Glengairn, Braemar, Badenoch, Lochaber, and Strathglass. It pays particular attention to Enzie and Glenlivet, both regions which were at the core of Catholic life in this post-Reformation period. Volume 2 concentrates upon the western Highlands and Islands, and includes chapters on Barra, South Uist, Knoydart, Morar, Arisaig, Moydart, Glengarry, Glenmoriston, Glencoe, and Stratherrick. Families most often involved in this religion include: Gordon, Cameron, Chisholm, Farquharson, Fraser, Grant, Innes, and MacDonald.



Paper Loft For The Record 12×12 Ancestral Chart – Scrapbooking – $1.50
The ‘For The Record’ collection starts off with this double-sided 4 generation pedigree chart. The front has space for your beginning person (usually yourself), as well as your parents. Each includes room for name, birth date and place, marriage date and place, and a line for facts. It also allows you to fill in as the the chart creator the the “Chart Prepared By …” box. The back continues on, and allows for 4 grandparents, and 8 great grandparents. The grandparents have room for name, birth date and place, marriage date and place, and a line for facts, the great grandparents allow for name, and birth date and place.


Paper Loft For The Record 12×12 Family Tree – Scrapbooking – $1.50
Another paper in the ‘For The Record’ Collection is this family tree. Double-sided it simply has banners placed over a tree, which allow you to fill in with names and dates as you wish.


Paper Loft For The Record 12×12 Three Generations – Scrapbooking – $1.50
Don’t have details for four generations? No problem! Here is one with just three for you. This double-sided page allows you room to enter details on yourself on the front, and parents and grandparents on the back. Coloured in the same sepia brown and greens as the other papers and embellishments, this co-ordinates well if you are creating an album.


Paper Loft For The Record 12×12 Our Family – Scrapbooking – $1.50
As charts do tend to be direct line only, this one is good in that it not only allows you to enter three generations of your family (you, your parents, and your grandparents), it does also have space for your children, and your siblings.


Paper Loft For The Record 12×12 Build Your Own Tree – Scrapbooking – $1.50
This double-sided paper featuring a tree allows you to be creative as you want, by writing your own details and placing them where you want!!


Paper Loft For The Record 12×12 Children Chart – Scrapbooking – $1.50
What a fabulous idea this page is, a more detailed look at each child. Double-sided it allows for a total of 4 children’s details to be recorded on the one page (2 on the front, 2 on the back). The spaces allow you to fill in name, date of birth, place of birth, christened/baptised date, christened/baptised place, education or degree, married date and place, name of spouse, and two lines for facts (extra info).


Paper Loft For The Record 12×12 Grandchildren Chart – Scrapbooking – $1.50
Of course once you’ve filled in the ‘Children’ page, then you can do the same for each of your Grandchildren. In the same format as the Children page, it allows for 2 on the front, and 2 on the back, and allows you to fill in the following details: Names, Mother, Father, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Christened/Baptised Date, Christened/Baptised Place, Education or Degree, Married Date and Place, and Name of Spouse.


Paper Loft For The Record 12×12 Grandparents Chart – Scrapbooking – $1.50
Now that you have in mind to complete both the ‘Children’ and ‘Grandchildren’ pages, don’t forget about yourself. Recording your own history is just as important as finding and recording others, and who knows you better than you. So you’re the most qualified one!!


Paper Loft For The Record 12×12 Family Group Records – Scrapbooking – $1.50
No research is complete without a Family Group Chart, and Paper Loft have created a good one here that co-ordinates well with the other papers in this Collection. Like usual Family Group Charts, this allows you to enter the full details of a husband and wife, and their children (it has room for 8). Covering not only name, birth date and place, but also parents names, occupations and education, and spouses names.


Paper Loft For The Record Accessory Cut-Outs: Archive – Scrapbooking – $1.75
This page of cut-outs contain words that you’re likely to use on your heritage and/or family tree themed scrapbook pages. Words like: Little Known Facts, Family Heirloom, Namesake, Documentation; Records; Important Papers and more!!


Paper Loft For The Record Accessory Cut-Outs: Genealogy – Scrapbooking – $1.75
This page of cut-outs gives you labels for family members: mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandmother and gradfather. With 36 family titles, and 11 other word titles (Descendants, Genealogy, Heritage, Ancestry etc) … you’ll be able to get creative with presenting your family tree.


Paper Loft For The Record Accessory Cut-Outs: Generation – Scrapbooking – $1.75
Similar to the Paper Loft For the Record Accessory Cut-Outs: Archive, but with diffent words. This sheet contains words and phrases such as: Generations, Preserving the Past, Remembering, Every Picture Tells a Story, Family Trait, Telling the Story of Our Life, Family Portrait, and Down Memory Lane.



Paper Loft For The Record Name Plate Cut-Outs: Small – Scrapbooking – $1.75
Use these elaborate name plates on your heritage themed pages. With 7 on a sheet, simply cut-one off, affix to your page, add in your title and you’re done! Coloured to co-ordinate with the papers in the For The Record Collection, each name plate measures 5 1/2″ wide x 1 1/2″ high (14cm x 4cm).


Paper Loft For The Record Name Plate Cut-Outs: Large – Scrapbooking – $1.75
This page of cut-outs features four elaborate Name Plates, perfect for being a title on your page, or even a “‘created by …” title. Each Name Plate measures 5 1/2″ wide x 2 1/2″ high (14cm x 7cm). Simply cut-out your Name Plate and affix to your page.