Trove - St George Call newspaper

“The National Library of Australia now has the largest freely available collection of digitised newspapers in the world with the 15 millionth page going online today on the award-winning website Trove.”

That was the announcement that the National Library of Australia made just a few days ago.

Here in Australia we all know that Trove is simply A-W-E-S-O-M-E, or should I say the old newspapers section of Trove is. Actually all of it is, but today we’re just talking about the historical newspapers.

If you give us researchers a spare moment or two, you’ll find us on Trove … again … “Troving” … just seeing what else we can find.

Anyway the team behind digitising and making the old newspapers available online, have reached the reached the enormous number of …

in words it’s 15 MILLION!!

Either way it is a phenomenal achievement, and what’s even more surprising, and one that we should be immensely thankful for, is that world class resource is still free for everyone access. Anywhere. Anytime.

You can read the National Library of Australia’s own announcement of this here: 15M Newspaper Pages Now Digitised.