She came, she talked, she went – it really was a flying visit. So who am I talking about?

Recently Gould Genealogy was privileged to have Elaine Collins from come and visit … and we managed to get just a few pics in before she left as proof (but that’s later).

Firstly the meetings …
While in Australia, Elaine took the opportunity to speak to the Australian public about the various companies owned by brightsolid (, ScotlandsPeople, Genes Reunited, and What they are, how to get around them, what’s the difference between them, and what they are looking at for the future etc.

The exciting part … the new website …
While here Elaine took the to opportunity to announce that (which bought is now up and running with 35 million Australian records online. You’ll find government gazettes, police gazette, post office directories, electoral rolls, biographical books and more. are offering a free 24 hour trial (with no credit card required), so why not give it a try. You can also subscribe to a free regular newsletter so you can keep up to date with this new site. Go to to find out more.

Now for the thankyous …
Before I get to the photos, I must say some thankyous as these meetings wouldn’t happened without the help of a number of people. Firstly to Heathrow Airport for staying open just long enough for Elaine’s flight to take off (it did close 3hrs after she left), secondly to Elaine for coping with the hectic schedule that we had arranged for her (6 meetings in 6 days, in 4 states). Also to Alan Phillips (Gould Genealogy/Unlock the Past) and Aimee Engler (Unlock the Past) for physically arranging the meetings. For the helpers we had at the meetings (Rosemary Kopittke, Bruce Smith, Helen Smith, Kerry Farmer, Anthea Phillips, Jenny Sampson and Alona Tester) your help was certainly appreciated and needed. But we have to thank each of you for taking the time to come to our event, to hear about the exciting happenings with online data for both the UK and Australia.

And I know you’ve been waiting for the pics …

Alan and Elaine at the Adelaide meeting

part of the crowd at Adelaide

good to know that both Rosemary and Elaine did manage enjoy a brief break

Elaine at Nambour

the crowd at Nambour

So for genealogists and historians researching UK or Australian records, this has to be a good thing for everyone, as more records are added online regularly.