Closure of the NAA Offices in Adelaide, Hobart & Darwin

There has been some mentions of the planned closure of the National Archives of Australia offices in Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin, but it would seem that many still haven’t heard about it.

So to keep you informed, Graham Jaunay has done a lengthy article this topic in his latest newsletter, and due to the response received subsequently has sent out a supplementary newsletter.

John Bannon (former SA premier and historian) was on ABC radio last night speaking against the NAA closure. Both he and Alexander Downer have had substantial articles in the Advertiser here.

If you are opposed to the closure of these NAA Offices, please do what you can to get it known … sign a petition, write a letter to your councillor. If you’re a Facebook’er join the “Save the NAA” Cause or the “Against the Closure of the National Archives of Australia SA NT and TAS” Group.

Please spread the word about this, we need everyone to know that it is wrong to close these offices …

UPDATE – 23 February 2010
NAA Offices in Darwin, Hobart and Adelaide staying open

8 thoughts on “Closure of the NAA Offices in Adelaide, Hobart & Darwin

  1. I can’t believe the government is so short sighted as to want to close the Adelaide archives (Plus Darwin and Tassie) I live in Qld at present and hoping to move back to SA. Where I live we have magnificant facilities for Genaelogy and it’s growing in popularity all the time. Why then are these 3 archives closing when Genealogy is one of the most popular pastimes for older people in particular.
    Does the government even really understand how important Genealogy is to Australia?
    Another out of touch decision.

  2. Kenneth Webb says:

    I also believe it is a short sighted decision, but this government probably believed it could save money by stealth, without realizing the popularity of genealogy in Australia.
    Whilst on the subject of genealogy, maybe the government could combine the states BMD into the NAA which would resolve the stupid position we are in, with 6 states/terr. holding records for a mere 23 million souls, and hopfully arriving at a fair overall price to charge for this public information.

  3. I agree with the two above statements and further, what does the government propose to do with the records etc. that are held at these places. Whatever they do will cost so the saving will be minimal.

  4. Not surprised. Most pollies can only see as far as the next election and NEVER look backwards to see the havoc they have caused.
    Do they intend to leave the material in their current buildings to rot or move them to Canberra and lose them conveniently.
    Either way it’s disgraceful and bad for all Australians who wish to studt Genealogy or History

  5. Of all the states in Australia, South Australia has always given me a headache over research. Tassie is a close second. They are already behind the other states and if anything, should be upgrading their facilities. Geneology is huge worldwide and it’s typical of some backwater pollies
    trying to throw their weight around while they are in office, not giving a toss for the future unless it involves their pension.

  6. Marillyn Gurney says:

    I agree with the other comments that are placed here.

    My Family came out from the UK 60plus yrs ago & have yet to do my own research here & now i hear this, closing of the NAA in Adelaide. Darwin & Tassie.
    What limp wristed dope made this decision?
    Every State should have their NAA made available for everyone, its their Right!!
    This is one place that should never close, its everyone right to their heritage & for others, for particular research & study.
    The NAA really belongs to us! Our Families’ Records are held there, we have a right to them.
    We have a weak local Govt., here in Adelaide, who should be standing up for peoples’ rights on their heritage!

    Perhaps Govt. should stop all their big fat pensions when they retire, free air travel etc. etc.

  7. wendy ainsworth says:

    Australian Goverments on all levels from Local Councils to Federal Goverment seem to have very little interest in preserving the History and Records of our country and/or our forefathers.We are told that we are a Multicultural Country which we are but the Historical Records and Buildings of this great country are not given the Respect and Care that they should be given.How can we expect the younger generations to be filled with Pride in their country when our Goverments can’t maintain the Heritage of our land.Yes Genealogy is a growing interest for many older members of our community myself included and I like many others gain much pleasure from my research but we must preserve offices like NAA for the future of our wonderful country as a record base for all the dfferent cultures that are constantly being blended into making this the wonderful country we proudly call home with both its good and bad points.I beleive you need to have a knowledge of your past to have a strong future.

  8. Anita Barnes says:

    I agree with all the above comments. PS. Another Government stuff up.

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