There has been some mentions of the planned closure of the National Archives of Australia offices in Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin, but it would seem that many still haven’t heard about it.

So to keep you informed, Graham Jaunay has done a lengthy article this topic in his latest newsletter, and due to the response received subsequently has sent out a supplementary newsletter.

John Bannon (former SA premier and historian) was on ABC radio last night speaking against the NAA closure. Both he and Alexander Downer have had substantial articles in the Advertiser here.

If you are opposed to the closure of these NAA Offices, please do what you can to get it known … sign a petition, write a letter to your councillor. If you’re a Facebook’er join the “Save the NAA” Cause or the “Against the Closure of the National Archives of Australia SA NT and TAS” Group.

Please spread the word about this, we need everyone to know that it is wrong to close these offices …

UPDATE – 23 February 2010
NAA Offices in Darwin, Hobart and Adelaide staying open