Family Tree Magazine’s Top 40 Mavericks in the Genealogy World

Family Tree Magazine 40 Social Media Mavericks 2014Family Tree Magazine  the US one, has a long tradition of listing the top 40 or so genealogy bloggers each year. This year they mixed it up, and we now have the “top 40 mavericks”  from the genealogy world.

While the term mavericks sounded a little odd to me, after checking the ol’ Oxford Dictionary for the defintion which says “maverick: an unorthodox or independent-minded person” which when applying to the top guns in the genealogy world sounds perfect!

As part of the change Family Tree Magazine have chosen to now list not just genealogy bloggers, but have expanded their list to incorporate  the genealogy movers and shakers from the various social media mediums. So theis years they have covered Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest as well.

As you would expect from a US magazine, the list is rather US focussed, but that doesn’t diminish usefulness of these social media mavericks! Get to know these 40 family historians to follow: top genealogy bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers, Pinners and YouTubers who’ll keep you in the know.

Be sure to check the list on Family Tree Magazine, as they give a description of each and every maverick!

- Allen County Public Library
- FamilySearch Blog
- GeneaBloggers
- Genea-Musings
- Mid-Continent Public Library (MCPL) Genealogy Blog
- The National Archives UK
- RootDig
- Teach Me Genealogy
- Your Story Coach

- @AmyCrow
- @ancestryjourney
- @CeCeLMoore
- @dickeastman
- @FamilyTreeUK
- @legalgen
- @USNatArchives

- Evidence Explained
- Family Tree Magazine
- Fieldstone Common
- Ireland Family History
- Margate Local & Family History
- The Organized Genealogist Group
- Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK)—USA
- Sassy Jane Genealogy

- BritishPathé
- FamilySearch
- Genealogy Gems
- Kenneth Marks
- Tessa Keough
- US National Archives
- Universal Newsreels

- Ancestor Hunter
- Caroline Pointer
- Genealogy Tip Jar
- Gini Webb
- Janet Hovorka
- Linda Kvist
- Robin Foster: Genealogy & More
- Valerie Elkins

A big congratulations to everyone who made the list, and what more can I say, but keep doing what you are doing, because obviously it has an impact! ;-)

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