We have giveaways ๐Ÿ™‚ … but before just handing them out, we know that EVERYONE has a family story, and we’d like to hear it. So tell us one of yours, but not just ANY story. Since it is Anzac Day next week, we’d like you to tell us about one of your military ancestors.

So to be in the running for a copy of โ€œHistory & Genealogy 2011: Australia & New Zealandโ€ as well as a CD copy of โ€œFrom the Australian Front 1917โ€ visit our Facebook page, and tell us about one of your military reli orย  share a photo of them with us.

We’re leaving the voting up to you, which means everyone can be involved. Simply go to our Facebook wall, click on the “SEE ALL” button, in the “Recent Posts by Others on Gould Genealogy” box, and youโ€™ll see all the submissions. (Sadly itโ€™s not as easy as it was in the older version of Facebook).

Weโ€™ll announce the winners on Wednesday morning.

Happy sharing.


ย UPDATE 25 April 2012: Thank you to everyone who contributed stories and photos about their military ancestors. Every one of them is truly an amazing story. Sadly we only have 10 books and 10 CDs to give away, and the lucky winners are those that are listed below.ย  Please send an email to Alona at inquiries@gould.com.au, giving us your address, so we can send these off to you.
Chez Leggatt
Debbie-Lee Robinson
Ken Davis
Kim Hoskin
Kylie Willison
Lyn Nunn
Margaret Robinson
Marnie Rogers
Sharon Fritz
Winston Kingston