Q1. Are you going to Unlock the Past’s DNA Down Under roadshow that’s on from 14-31 August 2019, in any of the six Australian cities they’re visiting?
Q2. Are you a genealogy blogger?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, we have got beads for you. Geneablogger beads. But to be eligible you MUST register.

DNA Down Under blogger beads

And just in case you’ve not heard of the term “blogger beads”, this is a term that Thomas MacEntee (a US geneablogger himself) dreamt up as a wacky, colourful way for geneabloggers to spot each other in the crowd. And having taken part in this myself, both at Australian and overseas genie conferences … it works! You will meet and make new blogging friends.

Blogger beads are genie bling that that has made it’s way to Australian genealogy conferences, and we will have these lovely green and white ones available for all who register.

To register as a geneablogger, simply send an email to me at alona@gould.com.au with your name, your blog URL and let us know which state/s you’ll be attending. Then when you get to the event, head on over to the Gould Genealogy stand and one of our staff will have beads waiting for you.

While I won’t be at every venue personally (someone still has to run our shop), others of our staff will be. But I look forward to finding out all the geneabloggers who are going to DNA Down Under, and meeting some of you along the way.

And just one more note: I know a number of people are going to DNA Down Under in several states. We just ask if you could please take your beads with you.