This week has seen the first of 8 episodes in the brand new season of the UK edition of Who Do You Think You Are? Beginning with Daniel Radcliffe, and features other celebrities such as Naomie Harris, Kate Winslet, Jack and Michael Whitehall, Mark Wright, Sharon Osbourne, Paul Merton, and Katherine Ryan.

The series will also see the celebrities travel all over the world – including Jamaica, Spain and Grenada – as they learn the truth about their families, from connections to crime, with one star finding out their ancestor was burned at the stake, and another realising that one of their ancestors was once involved in an banjo-related assault. There’s also the discovery of a drummer boy, connections to the Spanish Inquisition and more.

For those in the UK, check your local guides to see when it’s on, but if you missed the first episode, or it’s not on in your country, you can view it on YouTube….