There’s no doubt about it, DNA is a hot topic with genealogists. Many have taken a test. Or two. Or three. Others are still thinking about it.

Whether you want to take the plunge and take a test, or have already tested with one company, but would like to try another, or just wish to stock up to have some tests on hand ready for when family members agree to test … now’s a great time to buy, as most of the companies have sales on at present.

And don’t forget, Father’s Day is coming too …

AncestryDNA Sales
Australia Sale – $129.00, on sale for $99.00 (ends Sunday, 26 August 2018)
US Summer Sale – US$99.00, on sale for US$59.00 (ends Monday, 20 August 2018)

Family Tree DNA – US Summer Sale (ends Friday, 31 August 2018)
Family Finder USD$79.00, on sale for USD$59.00
Y-DNA USD$169.00, on sale for USD$129.00
Big Y-500 US$649.00, on sale for USD$499.00
mtDNA USD$199.00, on sale for $149.00

Living DNA Sales (ends Friday, 31 August 2018)
Australian National Family History Month Sale – AUD$149.00, on sale for AUD$134.10
US Summer Sale – US$99.00, on sale for US$89.00

MyHeritage DNA – Hot DNA Sale (ends Monday, 20 August 2018)
Australia – AUD$109.00, on sale for AUD$89.00
US – USD$79.00, on sale for USD$69.00