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UPDATE APRIL 2017: Momondo’s 2017 competition to win a DNA and journey are out now

Are you interested in finding out where you came from based on your DNA? Ever wondered what makes you, you? If you answered yes to either question you’ll be interested to know that Momondo (yes, the big name in the travel industry) has teamed up with both AncestryDNA and 23andMe to launch their “Lets Open Our World” competition.

Momondo says that it’s time to discover that there are more things uniting us than dividing us. “There would quite likely be a lot less extremism in the world if people knew their heritage. We truly are children of the world, and not of a ‘pure race’.

WIN your own DNA kit and go on a journey to discover where you are from.

All you have to do is tell us why you should win a DNA kit (spit test), by 16th August 2016. If you win a DNA kit, you can take the next step towards winning the journey of your life.

When you get your DNA results, shoot a short video of how you react to seeing where you’re from for the very first time – who knows what emotions you’ll capture! Your video is your ticket to winning a journey of your life: a trip to every country you’re from, or a trip to your favourite country found in your DNA.


The prizes on offer are:
– the journey of your life: a trip to every country you’re from
– 17 trips: travel to your favourite country found in your DNA
– 500 DNA kits: find out where you’re from

This competition is open to people aged 18 or over who ‘permanently reside’ in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom or the USA.

You can find more details on their website, as well as all their social media sites. And be sure to read their Terms & Conditions.



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21 thoughts on “Win Your DNA Journey With Momondo

  1. Michelle Maynard says:

    WOW! I would love this. I have actually wanted to this for years, but have put it off because of lack of money
    (Single mom, three kids). I actually started to save to buy the kit so it is funny how I saw this on facebook.

  2. Awesome Michelle … just go right ahead and enter by clicking on the link to their website:

  3. have tried to enter website is not allowing me to progress

  4. Hi Joanne, if you’re having trouble entering I suggest getting in touch with Momondo by either email (, or through any of their social media sites.

  5. Alguien podria decirme cuanto cuesta hacerse la prueba de ADN ?

  6. Hi Maria, if you’re wanting to know the cost of actually testing with AncestryDNA visit, and see what price they list there. In Australia it is normally around $150, but not sure of the equivalent in your country.

  7. Kimberly Thompson says:

    I have traced one side of my family back to 1371 in Halifax, West Yorkshire…which is about 15 miles away from where I live!. I would like to win to see where else I descend from…which hopefully is further afield!

  8. Contest is already closed although your site says it closes today. You might want to change that, I am disappointed as I left it to the last minute and can’t enter now.

  9. Oh, I see it was at 10:00 today CEST – NVM

  10. I like this but it’s closed like Bes’s says. Unlucky 🙁

  11. Bob (Robert) Jonathan says:

    I am Maori of New Zealand i know i have a bit of everything in my make up still not sure what. I know my Maori history not sure of the rest. What could this mean for me and my family or how far back can i go

  12. Hi Bob, If you take an AncestryDNA or FamilyTreeDNAs “Family Finder” test, either of these will give you percentages of ethnicity. And they can also “match” you to potential relatives. Definitely worthwhile.

  13. Imelda Bartolome says:

    Hi, my dad is Philipino-Spanish and mum is a Tamilan. Both were born in Malaysia and me, too. People say I look Malay. Some say I look Tamil/ Indian. Some even say that I look Portugese and a few have said that I have Spanish eyes. My only sibling, a younger sister looks more like dad – Philipino. But some say, she looks like a Turkish. It would sure be amazing to know what my DNA could reveal about me.

  14. Great, but I think I missed the chance! Is the registration date extended?

  15. Hello everybody , I am Aya please help me what should I do to know my DNA journey , I am very interested about this , I just watched one of your videos what’s made me amazed about all of that ,and I directly think how can I connect with you to make me going on this ,answer me please 🙂 !

  16. Luiz Filipe Fernandes Miranda says:

    I just saw this a couple minutes ago,and I am really interested in knowing who I really am. Not for any prize but to know my ancestarial heratage.

  17. Just watched your clip of the men and women getting their results, I’m amazed how different the results were to what they thought their race was. This should change the world and make people think we are all related in some way x

  18. I know the contest is already closed. However, I would still like to get a DNA test to know what the different results might be for me.I really desire to know it. Where and/or how could I take the test?

  19. If you’re interested in taking a DNA test, the one that is shown in this video is one from AncestryDNA ( or if you’re in Australia ( You can buy it through their website.

  20. I know the contest is already over but I’d really like to know more about the DNA test, I mean like know more about my origines, about me. I always felt like I didn’t really belonged anywhere so I’d really like to know more about it. Is that possible?

  21. Slobodanka says:

    Great ting!!!

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