directories - Melbourne Sands & McDougall 600

Directories are a key source of information for researchers, be it family history, local history or social history.

Street directories, business and trade directories, agricultural directories, motoring directories, medical directories, even telephone directories and a newspaper one… every one of these is a possible research tool. You can find not only names, but addresses and occupations, nearby businesses, what organisations existed in the area, and more. And then there’s the adverts … If you’re like me you’ll lose hours just looking through those, they really are fabulous.

Amongst the 9000 or so products that we sell here at Gould Genealogy & History, we have a heap of directories. And as part of our 40th birthday celebrations throughout 2016, we have over put over 600 directory titles on sale for the month of June. These cover the countries of: Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland and Scotland. We have never had a directory sale this big before, so this really is our “Giant Directories Sale”.

vintage telephone books

You’ll save 40% off all Australian titles, and 20% off all other countries, so take this opportunity to dive into the directories and see what you can find about your family.

You can find the full list of titles on sale here: