New South Wales’ History Week has become a significant event on the New South Wales event calendar.

Initiated by the History Council of NSW in 1997, History Week is a fantastic opportunity for member organisations, large and small, throughout New South Wales to engage and educate the community about the history of New South Wales in their own unique way.

When is it on?
New South Wales History Week is on from 1-9 September 2018.

What happens in History Week?
Members of the History Council of NSW can apply to host an event relating to the annual theme. The theme for 2018 is “Life and Death”. In the past groups and organisations have hosted talks and lectures, ‘behind the scene tours’ and heritage trails, exhibitions and radio features, film festivals, open historic houses and gardens, book sales and launches.

How can members be involved in History Week 2018?
You and your organisation can take advantage of the week and promote your organisation by hosting an event that you create, or by hosting a history speaker through the HCNSW Speaker Connect program (see their website for details on this).  Your event will form part of the HCNSW’s media campaign and will be promoted on the History Week Calendar, which is on their website.

Deadline for event submissions
Friday, 29 June 2018

Register your event
You can find the registration form here.

More information
History Council of NSW
PO Box R1737
Royal Exchange NSW 1225
Phone: (02) 9252 8715

Further details about events and how you can contribute to or engage with History Week 2018 can be found on their website

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