If you’re after a DNA kit, or two, or more … now is the absolute perfect time to buy as it seems that it’s genealogy DNA sale season.

Afterall the holidays are coming, and that’s often when you catch up with relatives, so that’s a perfect opportunity to see if they would take a test as well, so it makes sense.

While the sales are largely to do with Thanksgiving and Black Friday which are coming up in the US, since the companies send worldwide, everyone benefits.

So here’s a run down of the offers on at present.

Normal Price US$99.00
Sale price is US$49.00 if you buy two or more ancestry kits
Unsure of specific date, but this is a Black Friday Sale offer, so it’s not likely to be available for very long

AncestryDNA – Black Friday Sale
Normal price AUD$149.00
Sale price AUD$99.00
On sale until Mon 27 November 2017, 11.59pm

Family Tree DNA – Holiday Sale
Family Finder
– Normal price $US$89.00
– Sale price US$59.00
– Normal price from US$169.00
– Sale price from US$129.00
– Normal price US$199.00
– Sale price US$169.00
Limited time offer, no end date given

Living DNA – Holiday Sale
Normal price AUD $199.00
Sale price $169.00
Limited time offer, no end date given

MyHeritage DNA – Black Friday Sale
Normal price US$99.00 / AUD$131.99
Sale price US$49.00 / AUD$64.99
and free shipping on orders of 3 or more kits
On sale until Monday 27 November 2017

If you’ve ordered a kit or two, and would like a book or reference guide to help you understand it all, take a look at the range of titles available here.