As our research progresses over the years there ALWAYS comes a time when we hit that brickwall, and no matter how hard we try we can’t seem to get past it. We believe we’ve tried everything and have no idea where to look next. For some, it’s a case of put it aside for now to come back to later. But others choose the option of asking for help, and hiring a professional researcher.

Alternatively you may wish to know about your family history but just don’t have the time to do it, or you need research done in a foreign country, and are unlikely to get there yourself.

But who do you hire? Where do you find someone? Are they going to do a good job? What are the costs? These are all very valid questions. So let me introduce you to Legacy Tree Genealogists.

Legacy Tree Genealogists motto is …

“We do the research. You enjoy the discoveries.”

Their company began in 2004, and is based in Utah in the US (the heart of genealogy), and offers professional genealogy research services worldwide. Yes, even Australia and New Zealand! In fact they offer research in most countries around the world, as you’ll see from the map below. And over the past 13 years they have helped thousands of people discover their family.

which country do you need research done?

Their team of genealogists can help clients trace family trees, write family biographies, locate immigrant ancestors, break through genealogy “brickwalls” and utilise advancements in DNA technology to extend family lines through genetic genealogy.

Because of their established network of onsite researchers around the globe, they can offer clients what many other professional researchers cannot – and that’s access to records in onsite archives and repositories all over the world.

Our good friends at Legacy Tree Genealogists are giving our customers an exclusive offer.
If you quote the code “SAVE100″, when ordering a 20-hour research project with them,
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Research results are delivered in a deluxe binder, and include an in-depth report, family charts, and documentation with all sources cited. Clients are also provided with access to a personalised web page to share discoveries with family members.

For those interested in genetic genealogy, you might like to have a look at their article on Genetic Genealogy and DNA Testing for Beginners.

How do I contact Legacy Tree Genealogists?
Phone: USA  801 783 1277; Canada 1866 688 0831; UK 0800 048 8530; Aus 1800 258 551
Facebook: Legacy Tree Genealogists
Twitter: LegacyTree Gen
Google+: Legacy Tree Genealogists

Just one final note to say that Legacy Tree Genealogists is an entirely different company to Legacy Family Tree. Yes they have similar names, and yes they’re both based in the US, and yes they are both in the genealogy industry – but that’s where the similarity ends. Legacy Tree Genealogists offers a research service, while Legacy Family Tree is a genealogy software program.