Save 20% on AncestryDNA this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming, but don’t go the usual “socks, jocks, chocolates or a mug” type present. Get your Dad something totally unique for Father’s Day this year. Why not get him a DNA kit? Give him “the story of his lifetime.”

Starting from today, AncestryDNA are having a 20% off sale through until Sunday 3 September. So save while you can.

Test your dad, and compare it his DNA to yourself or other family members. See how DNA differs between siblings. Discover the intricate ways you share DNA with your family, and so much more.

On sale from Friday 25/8/2017 12.01am to Sunday 3/9/2017 11.59pm

Ts&Cs apply: Offer is only available to those in Australia & New Zealand. Excludes postage. On sale until 11:59pm AEST, 3 September 2017.

2 thoughts on “Save 20% on AncestryDNA this Father’s Day

  1. Pete Bannister says:

    My wife and kids wants to give me a DNA test, for Father’s Day, but my interest is rather limited to my father’s ancestry who I believe may have been descended from an Australian aborigine, five generations ago. I wasn’t sure from your extensive website what the price of such a test would be.

    I don’t want them to waste their money, if say there isn’t an “aspect” of the standard test that doesn’t (or can’t, for lack of comparative data in the Ancestry files etc) examine the relative ethnicity of my sample’s composition, but merely dwell on marking to general levels in say the Australian population, or statistical comparisons with folk in another country etc – interesting though such general questions may be.

    Can you confirm that this is part of the Ancestry test and what it’s price would be? If the Ancestry Test isn’t concerned with my question, can you suggest an alternative line of inquiry I might follow. Thanks.

  2. Hi Pete, thanks for your inquiry. If you do a AncestryDNA test, and if any of your Aboriginal ancestor’s DNA has been passed down (not everyone inherits DNA from every ancestor), it will show as Melanesian at present. This includes Australian Aboriginal, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islanders and more. You can read more about about Melanesia on the link below. In time Ancestry are hoping to have had enough tested to be able to isolate Australian Aboriginal on its own, but not at this stage.

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