Have you ever wondered what lurks in your family? Would you ever take a DNA test to find out? What do you think it might tell you? What would you do with your genetic information? Who would you share them with? What would you want to know?

DNA testing has hit Australian shores in a big way within the last couple of years. And while some family historians and genealogists still think it’s rubbish, others can see potential so have dipped their toes in so to speak and tested. Some have even jumped right in and tested with every company available, and even know how to interpret every report.

Now Genioz is asking for your help by participating in a survey, which is being conducted to determine just what Australians know about genetic testing, even if they know nothing or aren’t interested.

But firstly who is Genioz? Genioz stands for “Genomics: National Insights of Australians”, and they are a team of Australian and international researchers from around the world are working together on the Genioz study.

And what is the Genioz study? The Genioz study aims to investigate the Australian public’s expectations of personal genomics, and determining how much genetic information should be available directly to consumers.

Who they’re looking for? They are looking for a large number of people from Australia to complete the suvey, males in particular. And it doesn’t matter if people know nothing about DNA testing at all, it still helps with the survey.

Survey information The survey closes at the end of April 2017,  so please don’t delay, and it can be done anonymously. The survey will take about 15 to 25 minutes to complete.

More information to read more the Genioz study visit http://www.genioz.net.au/, or send an email to genioz@mcri.edu.au

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