Every year the DNA companies seem to discount their tests sometime prior to the Christmas/holiday period, and this year is no exception as AncestryDNA have just announced their ‘Early Bird Christmas Sale’.

If you’ve been thinking about taking an AncestryDNA test, but haven’t bought one yet, now is the perfect time, as from now through until various dates in November 2018 you’ll save.

So why an AncestryDNA test?
– It is a truly personalised gift as no two people have the same results
– It lasts a liftime unlike trendy gifts of the season
– It reveals new relatives from all over the world
 – It is the number 1 selling consumer DNA test

AncestryDNA Australia – $109 (save $20)
on sale until Tuesday 20 November 2018

AncestryDNA Canada – $99 (save $30)
on sale until Wednesday 14 November 2018

AncestryDNA United Kingdom – £69 (save £10)
on sale until Tuesday 20 November 2018

AncestryDNA United States – $59 (save 40%)
on sale until Wednesday 21 November 2018

It’s also the perfect time to stock up because you find a willing cousin to test over the holiday period.

A DNA kit really does make a perfect present … for yourself or someone else, either way it’s recording a piece of history, as well as helping you with your genealogy.


On sale through until Tuesday 20/11/2018 (in Australia)