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Are you a Legacy Family Tree user? If you are, you’re one of the thousands around the world who use the program. You may even have the lastest version (Legacy Family Tree version 8, either the Australian or the US versions). No doubt you’ve mastered in some form or another, the getting names, dates and places into your program, and you may even have got some photographs, and sources in as well. Excellent work! But still .. there is so much more that Legacy can do, that you probably haven’t yet discovered.

Through a series of QuickTips Videos that Legacy Family Tree have produced, you get exactly what it says – quick tips.They are short, to the point videos on how to do a particular function of the program.

I have chosen 6 videos from Legacy Family Tree’s YouTube channel to share with you here.

By watching these videos you’ll learn how to unlink a person (and haven’t we’ve all needed to do that at some stage), how to use the Origins Report, how to customise your Family View, what Legacy’s Calendar Tool is, how using the Legacy Timelines can help your research, and how to view more in the Index View.

They have plenty more videos on their channel, but I chosen these ones specifically, because they cover features of the program that many won’t have used, either because they didn’t know how, or didn’t even know they could.

Do yourself a favour, spend some time learning the program, and you will get more out of it!!