Share a memory

For the third year running, Dear Myrtle is holding her “Share a Memory” contest. So if you have researched your family AND have a story that you’d love to share, well then, this contest is for you.

The objective is to …

“Create an intriguing object to tell a story about an ancestor, making it easier for the non-genealogists in the family to appreciate your mutual heritage.”

It’s a great objective isn’t it. And contest or no contest, we as researchers should be thinking of interesting ways to present our family history to non-genie family members. You never know, you might actually get them interested!

So not only do you get to be creative and share a family story, you can do it in the method that suits you:
– on a blog or web page posting for family members to view
– a video saved on your YouTube Channel
– an email you will send to your family members
– or a slide show your save on the web, say at Google Docs

And if that wasn’t enough to get you interested, Dear Myrtle is even giving away prizes. Really, really good ones too!

The deadline for entries is 30 NOVEMBER 2014, so be sure to get your entry in before then.

For more details about the whole contest, where to send details of your entry, what what the prizes are please visit Dear Myrtle’s blog.