Australia’s best known (and totally free) website, Trove turns five this month, and they are celebrating throughout the month with TROVEmber.

Five already, can you believe it?

There is no doubt that Trove has changed the way people research Australian history and genealogy. And oh boy when Trove happens to go down, the world simply comes to an end doesn’t it! Well, it does for  some people I know. 😉

The announcement on their website says the following …

“You all thought the 11th month was called November. This year Trove turns five and so we’re taking over the month. Welcome to TROVEmber.

We are celebrating how Trove has influenced research, changed lives and entertained. We’ll also be sharing some thoughts about the future of Trove. You can read more about Trovember in our blog. Keep up to date with all things Trove by following us on Twitter, or sign up to our mailing list.”

So fellow Trovites (yes that IS a word now), in between all of your Troving (that is also a word now), take a moment to check out what other events that Trove has coming up for Trovember


While’ we’re on the subjeect of Trove, take a moment to think about all the hard work that people put in to make Trove what it is for us, and it is still free! I mean even the British Newspaper Archive isn’t free, so to say that we are being spoilt is an understatement.

But to keep it going, added to, and free they need our help, so are asking for you to donate if you can. They say …

If you love Trove, and are passionate about history, information and preserving our intellectual heritage, we invite you to join our community of supporters by donating to the Library’s Trove appeal. Your support will enable a worldwide audience to continue to uncover resources relating to Australia and Australians … for free.


For more about the Trove Appeal click here

support Trove

To get the best you can out of Trove, why not grab yourself a copy of expert genealogist Shauna Hicks’ book: Trove: Discover Genealogy Treasure in the National Library of Australia