Inside History Magazine - 2014-09Inside History Magazine’s issue 24 is out now, and it is another cover-to-cover read. It features and practical tips to help you trace your family tree and discover the life your ancestor led.

In this edition you’ll read about DNA testing. Covering the ABC basics of how to get tested and what you’ll learn from the results, as well as reporting on readers’ experiences.

Find out which 50 best genealogy and history blogs made their 3rd Annual Blog Awards, and there’s a a whole heap of fabulous ones. So get reading folks.

How do you choose a genealogy software program? Do you go with the most popular, the one that does the best charts, or the one that your friend or relative has? Michelle Patient takes you through what you should consider when it comes to choosing a genealogy software program for yourself.

We all know that pictures can tell 1000 words, and we know that dress fashion can help us identify the era a photo was taken. But did you know the millinery fashion can help decipher your old photographs as well? Expert photographic analyser, Jayne Shrimpton tells us how hats, bonnets and berets can all give telling clues about your ancestors.

When does genealogy meet archaeology? Go behind the scenes in Sydney’s latest archaeology digs on two colonial-era buildings.

And how would you like to see your ancestor on the front cover of Inside History.  If you’re interested simply enter IHM competition now.

So all of the above together with a bunch more, including letters to the editor, networking with other genealogists, upcoming events, book reviews and app reviews as well – is packed into 74 pages! It’s always a great read.

You can buy the printed copies of the magazine from Inside History directly, and a number of societies and newsagents around Australia stock it as well (Click here to see a list of stockists).  For a sneak peek of this issue (which is due to be put up shortly), and past issues check out Issuu.

So if you love Australian history and genealogy, and reading, you really can’t go past Inside History Magazine!



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