Wholly GenesAlthough it’s been two years in the making, for some reason the release of The Master Genealogist (TMG) version 9 seemed to come around very quickly.

Here’s the official word from Wholly Genes …

TMG v9 is now available!  This major update includes a variety of great new features that focus on making data entry faster and easier:

– You can now add a new source without leaving the Citation screen.  If/when you want it, you can still click on the [+] button to add a source using the full power of the Source Definition Screen.
– There is now a button to preview the source output directly from the Citation screen.

– You can now add shared events (e.g., Census) on the Add Multiple People and Add Family screens, including the role of each participant.  To set up a shared event, click on Setup on that screen.
– You can now add an Age column with a Birth Date column.  If an age and the event date are added for a person, the Birth date will be calculated automatically.
– A new Copy button allows you to copy the value in the top cell of a column to everyone else on that screen.

– Reminders can now be added for roles.

– Right-clicking in either principal ID number field offers an option to switch the Principal ID numbers.
– The notice about irregular date entry has been revised to work better and to be more informative.
– Reminders now show on the Add/Edit Witness screens. A role reminder will display if it exists and will change if you change the Witness roles. If no role reminder exists, the tag type reminder will display.

– The right-click menus in the Sentence fields are much more informative about the role variables being selected.
– A number of new variables for event tags have been added.  The “Subject” is the person about whom the current sentence is being constructed (the current Principal or the current Witness).  These new variables are designed to make the global and custom sentences much more flexible.

– A column for place styles has been added.

and plus dozens of fixes to bugs that were brought to their attention by users.

If you’re not already a user of TMG 9, you can download a trial version of he program which is fully-functional for 30 days, so that gives you plenty of time to try it out and see what you think of it. Or alternatively you can watch the Guided Tour.

The Master Genealogist 9 Gold Edition CD
The Master Genealogist 9 Gold Edition Download
The Master Genealogist 9 Gold Edition Upgrade from TMG 8 Gold CD
The Master Genealogist 9 Gold Edition Upgrade from TMG 8 Gold Download

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