cruise-t-shirt-setIt’s that time of year again. No, I don’t mean the end of the year, and I don’t even mean Christmas, but both are rushing towards us at an alarming rate aren’t they? No, in this instance I’m actually talking about the next Unlock the Past cruise.

With 240+ people already booked in for the 4th Unlock the Past Cruise in February 2014, and bookings going strong for the 5th Cruise in July 2014 why not make yourself known as a ‘genealogy cruiser’ by wearing an Unlock the Past Cruise t-shirt. Actually they are polo shirts, but I still call it a t-shirt. We have had these available for past cruises and they looked fabulous, and helped people identify members of  ‘our’ group, which when you’re on a ship that carries thousands of people, it is nice to be able to find others in our group.

The images above are of t-shirts from the 1st cruise, and don’t the colours look gorgeous! So summery. Anyway for the shirts this year we’ve listened to your feedback and have now added both black and white shirts to the range of colours, giving men and women eight colours to choose from, and we’ve also made the t-shirts not specific for a particular cruise.

So the front will simply have an embroidered “Unlock the Past” logo, with “Genealogy Cruising” and the Unlock the Past Cruises website underneath printed on the back as the image below shows.

4th cruise - tshirt design

The ship for the 4th Cruise leaves Sydney at the beginning of February which really isn’t very far away. Combine that with our manufacturers closing for Christmas break, we’ve worked this one so that we’ll receive the shirts before our supplier closes for Christmas break, which will then allow us to get these out to customers early in January, and in time for the 4th cruise.

Ladies t-shirts: available in 8 colours, and in sizes from 8-24, AUD$39.95
Mens t-shirts: available in 8 colours, and in sizes from S-5XL, AUD$39.95
Please note, we won’t have t-shirts available for sale on the ship, as we only order what is actually ordered.