Family History Through the Alphabet – The Finale

This will be my final post on the ‘Family History Through the Alphabet’, hence the title ‘The Finale’.

It has been an amazing a journey that we’ve been through, but serioulsy I couldn’t have done it, and it wouldn’t have been as fun without everyone who participated. That includes those who commented on Facebook and Twitter as well a the geneabloggers who took up the challenge.

Way back in April 2012 I came up with a vague idea that of something that would be fun, and after mulling it over for a few weeks – it became the ‘Family History Through the Alphabet’ Challenge. So in May we launched the Challenge, and I figured that it was an interesting idea and a few people might join in. But never in my wildest dreams did I figure that we’d have 36 geneabloggers (on 39 different blogs), from 5 different counties around the world contributing. I’ve been blown away.

I have read every post that has been written, and left comments on all that I could (not all blogs allowed me to leave comments – so if you didn’t receive any comments, that was why – it wasn’t that I wasn’t reading them). Anyway I have learnt so much from what has been written, it’s been a great learning experience, as well as being a heap of fun!

Anyway I wish to thank every one of the geneabloggers who took part, as they are what has made this a success. Some of our bloggers contribed once, others several, and some have made it from A right through to Z.

Here are links to every geneablogger who participated:
100 Years in America
A History of Four Families/Among My Branches (this one changed name part way through)
A Pocket Full of Family Memories
Ancestors Live Here
Anglers Rest

Are My Roots Showing?
Australian Genealogy Journeys
Carnamah Historical Society
Dance Skeletons
Digging Up the Ancients
Discovering Latvian Roots
Family History Across the Seas
Family History Fun
Family Tree Frog
Finding Eliza
From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard
Genealogy Leftovers
Genies Down Under
Honoured Generations
Leafing Through Linda’s Tree
lonetester HQ
Mountain Genealogists
Olga’s Genealogy
The Pursuit of Joe Mangiafico
Queensland Genealogy
Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family
Spirits of the Old
Strong Foundations
Tracking Down the Family
Twigs of Yore
UK/Australia Genealogy
Western District Families
What’s Past is Prologue
Yarra Plenty Genealogy
Yvonne’s Genealogy Blog

And to show you how much we really appreciated your contiribution, as part of our finale, we’ve created some images that you can display on your website if you wish.

I participated in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge award

I completed the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge



10 thoughts on “Family History Through the Alphabet – The Finale

  1. I did it! Whew! And thank you so much for hosting this challenge. I enjoyed it from start to finish.

  2. That is an amazing effort writing every week about a place you’ve lived at … but you did it! Gold stars for you.

  3. Thanks Alona for creating this challenge, and also for the commenting on each post. I really enjoyed taking part. Thanks again.

  4. hi Alona and Goulds,

    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful series. I think it’s obvious we all had fun and it was interesting to see such diverse and intriguing responses. Pauleen

  5. Very interesting series it is going to take me quite a while to work my way through it.

  6. @Limerick’s Life, while technically we’ve finished the Alphabet Challenge, there are still people working through it, and I’d love for others to discover it, and start. So free to take the Alphabet Challenge, there are no time limits – just work through it at your own pace. 😉

  7. Hi Alona,

    I’ve seen a few of the bloggers I follow take part in the challenge and I enjoyed reading their posts. Unfortunately, I had a very crazy year and wasn’t able to take part in the challenge. And to be honest, I just found your blog through one that I follow that mentioned this “wrap-up” post. So now I know who was behind the challenge 😉

    Even though the challenge is technically over, I’m going to start it on at least one of my blogs. It’s been a note on my to-do list for about a month, so I’m glad to see your comment about wanting others to start the challenge, even though it’s “over.”

    I look forward to the completing the challenge as well as following your blog.


  8. Hello Julie, and WELCOME (that just means a big welcome, not a shout ;P) to the “Family History Through the Alphabet’ Challenge. I am honoured that you’re wanting to take it up, and I look forward to your posts. As with everyone elses, I read and comment on each, as well as tweet it, and link it in the the relevant letter Alphabet post.

    And I can say from experience that it is a lot of fun as I not only convened there Alphabet Challenge, but also participated on my own blog (

    When the letter A appears, I shall be waiting 😉

  9. Will you be doing this challenge again this year?

  10. Suzanne, thanks for your message. Not we don’t be redoing this blog challenge, but there are still people taking it up now and working through it at their own pace, so feel free to still join in. I have been asked to do another blog challenge, so am thinking about it. But if so, it’d be a few months away. But guaranteed if/when it happens, it’ll be announced on this blog.

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