Family History Through the Alphabet – Z is for …

I’ve decided that the letter ‘Z’ is like Christmas. It always seems so far away, but all of a sudden it’s here, don’t you think?

Welcome to the last week of the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge Week, the letter “Z”.

Event though it is the last letter of the Alphabet Challenge, the same rules still apply. You need to use the current letter of the week and connect it to someone or something relating to your family history, and this weeks letter is ‘Z’. So tell us of a place, a person, a ship, a document, a trait, or a heirloom (or anything else) relating to your own family history that starts with this letter – though I’m thinking we’ll all have to get creative with this one, as there’s not a whole lot of Z words int he English alphabet! Anyway the choice is entirely yours … and throughout this Challenge, we’ve had so many great topics already.

Just a reminder that you can view all the geneabloggers posts for each letter by going to that letter’s page, and scrolling to the bottom – they’re all listed there.

We will list all posts from fellow geneabloggers for the letter “Z” below. If you’re a tweeter, and wish to contribute or just follow the topic, follow the #fhalphabet hashtag. On Facebook, you can comment under each letter’s post.

If you do have any queries regarding the Challenge, feel free to email Alona at

Facebook: GouldGenealogy
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Here’s the contributions from the genealogy blogging community. I’ve listed the blog name alphabetically, followed by the post:

A Pocket Full of Family Memories, Family History Through The Alphabet Blog Challenge : Z is for… Zeppelin
Among My Branches, Family History Through the Alphabet – Z is for Zsombor
AncestorChasing, Z is for … Zither at the Zenith
Australian Genealogy Journeys, Z is for Z as in Elizabeth – Family History Through the Alphabet – Week 26
Dance Skeletons,  Z is for… Zen
Discovering Latvian Roots, Z is for Zemnieki
Discovering Latvian Roots, Ž is for Žandarmērija
Family History Across the Seas, Family History Alphabet: Z is for Zeal, Zany and Zzzzz
Family History Fun, Z is for Zeppelina, Zetland, Zeal and Zest
Finding Eliza, Z is for Zamzeewillie
Geniaus, Family History Through the Alphabet – Z is for … Zealots
lonetester HQ, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: Z is for … the End? Not a Chance
Olga’s Genealogy, Genealogy by means of the alphabet – Z [translated from Dutch]
Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family, Zz is for – Zippidy Doo Dah…
Strong Foundations, Z is for Zig Zag
What’s Past is Prologue, Z is for Żyrardów
Who’s Your Grammie?, Z is for Zilpha Estep
Yvonne’s Genealogy Blog, Family History Through the Alphabet – Z is for … Zacharie Cloutier


15 thoughts on “Family History Through the Alphabet – Z is for …

  1. My contribution is “Z is for…Zero, Zilch, Zip”. Thanks for running the challenge. It’s been lots of fun.

  2. My final contribution at

    Thank you Aona for such a great series. I have very much enjoyed taking part in it.

  3. I’ve really liked participating in this challenge, Alona!

    My last contribution – Z is for Zacharie Cloutier – is at

  4. Here’s my Z post:

    This has been a great challenge, Alona! Thank you!

  5. I’m running behind, but I’m going to finish!

  6. No hurry Kristin, just whenever. I still haven’t done my own Z post yet either 😉

  7. Alona, I will have a post on my blog tomorrow that talks about what I learned from this challenge and ways that other bloggers can incorporate something similar into their family history blog. Thanks so much for the challenge – I really enjoyed participating from the other side of the world! I also got to know quite a few wonderful Australian blogs as a result.

  8. Done! Z is for Zamzeewillie on Finding Eliza

  9. Donna aww thanks for the lovely comments. And thank you for participating. I have found it fabulous to do, and also great that bloggers in this challenge have been interacting with each other. And I have to totally agree with you about the learning – I have learnt a lot from so many wonderful posts. 🙂

  10. […] does not have these letters, so we now have two left – Z and Ž. Now we have Z for the Family History Through the Alphabet […]

  11. […] is for Žandarmērija So now we have come to the end of the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge! I’m happy that I’ve been able to complete the whole challenge. What next, I […]

  12. I made it! Crossed the finish line of the challenge on the same day I crossed the Equator.

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