Title: Family History on the Cheap
Author: Shauna Hicks
Pages: 72
ISBN: 9780980776027
Year: 2010
Item Code: UTP0003
Price: $16.00
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Genealogy is one of the world’s leading hobbies, but it can be expensive and time consuming looking for family history information. With the growth of the internet and more information online it is, however, becoming easier and quicker if you know where to look.

‘Family History on the Cheap’ examines a broad range of topics including family sources, whether someone has already researched the family, when to use professional researchers, how to obtain discounts, what sites are free, how to plan and organise your research and how to maximise research results from your trips to archives and libraries.

Finding births, marriages and deaths are the cornerstones of family history research and this publication looks at various ways of discovering this information in a wide variety of sources such as wills and probate records, cemetery records, newspapers and so on without spending money.

‘Family History on the Cheap’ highlights numerous tips and tricks for how to get the most from research trips to archives, libraries, family history and local historical societies, visits to relatives, social networking sites, commercial websites and of course, Google. You will quickly recoup its purchase price many times over with the money and time savings outlined throughout the book.

Being an Australian published book, many of the examples and places mentioned throughout the book are Australian related, but the concepts apply to those researching anywhere worldwide.

Brief Introduction to Family History
Relative Savings – Tap into Family Knowledge
Has it Been done Before?
Stay Organised and on Top of the Paperwork
Technology Savings on Communications
Certificates – Don’t Pay Full Price
Utilise the Benefits and Services of Genealogy and Family History Societies
Libraries and Archives – It’s All Free to Look
Family History Centres
Travel for Maximum Benefit, Least Cost
Professional Researchers – When to Use
Internet – Vast Opportunities
Some More Favourite Sites
Serendipity – the Art of Finding Elusive Ancestors