Every now and then there are major new products released which prove their worth, and become an absolute ‘must’ item for anyone researching that country, area or topic.

South Australian History Sources‘ is one such title.

If you are you researching your ancestors in South Australia, and really don’t know what types of records are available, or where to look for them … ‘South Australian History Sources’ is the answer. It will not only advise you of the types of records available, but also gives the information on where you can find on them, and they type of information your can find on them.

First released in 2007, ‘South Australian History Sources’ proved itself to be the ‘bible’ for researching local, biographical and family history in South Australia.

Covering everything from civil registration and church records, to education records, health and welfare records, census records, place names, photographers, land records, law and order records, passenger and shipping records, military records, newspapers, probate records,  change of name and adoption records, education (including teacher) records, naturalisation records, fraternal and friendly society records and so much more!!

Obviously there has been an ENORMOUS amout of changes to records and their availability over the past 12 years, so this new second edition has been fully updated to take all of that into account, and includes website addresses wherever possible.

I have no doubt that this new updated edition of South Australian History Sources will be a key reference work, and one that sits on every South Australian researcher’s shelf.

Title: South Australian History Sources
Author: Andrew G. Peake
Media: paperback, 250 pages, 2nd ed.
Year: 2019
ISBN: 978987311955
Item Code: TUD007
Price: AUD$50.00
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