I do apologise if you have been hearing crickets recently … things may have appeared rather quiet, but in reality it has been far from it. In fact it is ALL GO here at the moment, with work on the Chris Paton Scottish Roadshow (currently happening), the History & Genealogy Expo in Sydney (later this week), and the History & Genealogy Roadshow Australia & New Zealand throughout November.

The Gould Genealogy staff together with the team at Unlock the Past have been working together in getting these events up and running, and hopefully without drama.

Chris Paton, Scottish genealogist, researcher, author etc … , and the international guest at the Expo, is also having his own mini Roadshow. After arriving in Australia, it was straight to Perth where he spoke last night to an enthusiastic audience, now he’s off to Melbourne for talks on Wednesday. He’ll be at Sydney on Friday and Saturday for the Expo, then it’s off to Brisbane to meet with those who will discover just how to go about researching your Scottish ancestors.

History and Genealogy Expo Sydney 2010So it’s kind of all happening here at the moment … the pre-bookings for the Expo have finished, the names tags and tickets have been made, new titles which will be released for the first time are being finalised, and the stock is almost packed in readiness for its trip to Sydney Expo later this week.

History & Genealogy RoadshowMeanwhile the upcoming History & Genealogy Roadshow which will take place from 8-24 November, bringing 3 international speakers supported by the best local speakers to 6 Australian cities and 3 New Zealand ones is shaping up to be an exciting one, for speakers and attendees. More to come on this next week.