How do I activate my free Ancestry subscription that came with my Family Tree Maker program?
We do get asked this question reasonably regularly, so feel that it is useful to put it as a blog post. The answer can be found on the Family Tree Maker website, but you do have to know where to look for it, as it’s not that that easy to find. The answer below applies to activating the Ancestry subscription in Family Tree Maker 2009 and Family Tree Maker 2010 versions.

The steps to follow are:
1. Open your Family Tree Maker program.
2. Click Help > Activate Ancestry Subscription. The Welcome window opens.
3. Click Activate Subscription.
4. Enter the name and email address you use for your Ancestry membership and click Continue.
5. If you have more than one Ancestry account, you will need to choose the account you want to use.
6. Enter the password associated with your Ancestry account and click Continue.
7. Click Finish to complete the activation.