Family Historian Version 5 is Coming Soon

Calico Pie, the publisher’s of Family Historian, the UK’s leading genealogy software program, have just announced that Family Historian version 5 is coming soon. The new version is due for release in February 2012, but thanks to a Christmas offer, anyone who buys Family Historian 4 now from a participating stockist (which includes us here at  Gould Genealogy), will get a free upgrade to version 5 when released.

While stocks last, customers who buy the full version of Family Historian 4 (not the Aus/NZ edition)on or after November 10th, from participating stockists only, will be sent a free CD upgrade to version 5 when it is released. So you can give friends or relatives version 4 to unwrap on Christmas Day, with the upgrade to follow shortly. Or you can just keep it yourself of course …

For full details of this offer, including the list of participating stockists, see

- New tool for creating family tree books and booklets
- Much improved website generation and support for family tree CDs & DVDs
- New Fan Chart diagrams
- New ‘flat’ style All-Relatives diagram (much-requested)
- Improved data entry – especially with regard to date-handling and date validation
- New query for detecting possible errors with dates in existing records
- Enhanced ‘How Related’ tool shows graphically exactly how people are related
- Improved, more comprehensive backup-and-restore
- Improved import and export, including direct import from other program formats
- All reports have enhanced performance and features, including optionally an index
- Silhouettes can now be used in diagrams where required
- Much improved support for background pictures in diagrams
- Much faster diagram loading
- New reports, including a new ‘how-related’ report
-  New tool for marking lines connecting individuals & branches in diagrams
-  New ‘shapes’ toolbar for diagrams, including ‘smart shapes’ such as arrows
-  Extensive new formatting options for diagrams
- Enhancements to the query capability for searching & analyzing records
- Support for plugins – a new way of extending the power of the program
- Integrated access to a new Plugin Store, with numerous free plugins adding even more features – such as a new mapping tool – and more being added all the time
- Numerous improvements to make the program even easier and more enjoyable to use
- And much more…

Calico Pie say that in the coming weeks, they’ll be adding more details about version 5 and the new features on our website, at

So buy your copy of Family Historian 4 (UK edition) now, and you’ll receive a free copy of Family Historian 5 when it is released.

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