It’s not even the end of the week, but it’s been a BIG week for Irish Genealogy!! Why you ask?? Simple … two major new books relating to Irish genealogy have just been released, and we have both in stock now.

So let me tell you a little more about each …

First up we have The Irish Family and Local History Handbook”. If you have ever wanted a book which contains an enormous amount of information about Irish genealogy (although not technically a how-to book), as well as a listing of archives and societies you can contact? Well it’s here … the publishers of the annual English publication ‘The Family and Local History Handbook’ (currently up to number 13), now bring you the IRISH version of this.

Set in a similar format to it’s English counterpart, the book features many articles written by well known genealogists and historians, together with a large Directory Section.

Read about Irish convicts, recorded Irish pedigrees, Dublin Castle, finding your Mayo roots, Irish photographers, the Potato Famine, Roman Catholic Parish Registers, the “essential” Irish genealogy websites, finding out what treasures exist in Museums, finding Landed Estate Papers, and searching for farming ancestors … all of this and so much more is in The Irish Family and Local History Handbook.

Then you find the Directory section of the book,. Never before have you had the details of so many Irish organisations listed easily at your fingertips. Arranged in groupings of: Archives, Record Offices & Repositories – National and Regional, County Genealogy Centres, Libraries, Museums, Registration Records for Births, Marriages & Deaths, Family History Societies – National, Regional and Overseas, Local History Societies – National and Regional, Cemeteries and Crematoria, and Professional Genealogists & Researchers.
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Details: it is a softcover book with 244 pages, and the authors are Robert and Elizabeth Blatchford. And the importants bits … the ISBN is: 9780955239953, and the price is $29.95 (AUD).


Now the other book, the latest from Chris Paton, and published by Unlock the Past, is titled ‘Irish Family History Resources Online”. I know the title itself grabs you, because as researchers we want to find everything there is to find, and if we can do it online even better, am I right, or is it just me <G>?

Anyway the description reads … There is a popular belief that Irish family history research is virtually impossible because ‘all the records were burned in the civil war’. But as Northern Irish born family historian Chris Paton demonstrates, the glass is most definitely half full rather than half empty when it comes to research in the Emerald Isle. Many records still exist which can help with your ancestral pursuits, and for those unable to make their way to Ireland to carry out research, the internet is finally coming to the rescue, as more and more material is increasingly finding it’s way online by the day.

This concise Unlock the Past guide explores the key repositories and records now available online, and will prove to you that if you have been put off with Irish research in the past, now is absolutely the time to take another look.
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Details: this is also a softcover book, with 76 pages, and is written by Chris Paton. The all important ISBN is: 9781921956010, and the price is $19.50 (AUD).

Whether you are just starting your journey discovering your Irish ancestors, or have been researching them for years, I guarantee that you will find something useful in both of these books.