Since 2007, when Findmypast was acquired by DC Thompson, the site has grown to be a dominant player in the online genealogy data field.

Currently listing over 8 billion records, that figure changes every week as new records added. The Findmypast website contains a wide variety of records such as censuses, directories, church records, military records, schools and newspapers available from countries across the English-speaking world, and of course perfect for researchers and family historians.

Founded in the UK, the company does have a heavy focus on England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales records … but certainly other countries including Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada are covered as well. Be sure to check their Card Catalogue to see just what records they have.

A subscription based site, Findmypast offers users different country subscriptions, different level subscriptions (be sure to compare what they offer) and both 1 month and 12 month subscription options, so you can subscribe to your country of choice, and for a long or short as you choose. (Australia)

Starter: 1 month AU$16.95 / 12 months AU$132.00
Plus: 1 month AU$23.95 / 12 months AU$228.00
Pro: 1 month AU$29.95 / 12 months AU$300.00
Compare the subscriptions here (England)

Starter: 1 month £7.95 / 12 months £72.00
Plus: 1 month £11.95 / 12 months £120.00
Pro: 1 month £14.95 / 12 months £156.00
Compare the subscriptions here (Ireland)

Starter: 1 month €9.95 /12 months €84.00
Plus: 1 month €14.95 / 12 months €144.00
Pro: 1 month €18.95 / 12 months €192.00
Compare the subscriptions here (United States)

Essential British & Irish: 1 month US$14.95 / 12 months US$129.00
Ultimate British & Irish: 1 month US$19.95 / 12 months USAU$179.00
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Findmypast DNA
DNA is the big thing that has hit the genealogy world in the past few years, and in 2018 Findmypast partnered with Living DNA t0 create Findmypast DNA. This kit offer testers the the ability to explore their British and Irish roots by providing a unique breakdown of ethnic identities associated with 21 regions across Britain and Ireland by analysing unique combinations of linked DNA. This method delivers a level of detail that is currently unmatched by any other test available on the market, and by combining Living DNA’s technology together with Findmypast’s vast collection of more 8 billion historical records, family historian’s will be able to make new discoveries about their British and Irish genetic history. Not to mention finding DNA matches which can help you breakdown brickwalls.

Price in Australia – $129.00
Price in England – £79.00
Price in Ireland – €89.00
Price in the United States – $99.00

So if you haven’t discovered the immense collections available on Findmypast, now is the the perfect time to do so. If you’re still not sure … either take out their 14-day free trial, or just go to their website and search. The index is all free – you just won’t be able to view all the records without a subscription. But try it, you’ll be amazed at what you can find.